Now you can waste hours on Google search with endless scrolling


One page of results is enough

Continuous scrolling is a controversial concept on the web. But most would agree that it can help make a tedious search for something transparent and less stressful, especially in the context of doing everything on your phone.

Let Google know that it is introducing continuous scrolling to its mobile search engine. More pagination means more tapping to load the next set of results. They will just start to appear when you reach the bottom of the current set. The feature should be accessible to most English speaking users in the United States starting today.


Continuous scrolling is being touted as part of Google’s larger search overhaul that took hold earlier this year.

UPDATE: 2021/10/14 5:16 PM EST BY JULES WANG

Four pages at a time

Google’s search link Twitter account clarified that continuous scrolling will allow four pages of results to automatically load, and Search Console admins will still not see any changes in their position reports.


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