Garage Project is looking for a new marketing superstar


Garage Project, the iconic Kiwi brewery known for its unique and beautiful beers, is looking for a marketing superstar. Could it be you?

From humble beginnings to a team of almost 80 in New Zealand and Australia, Garage project have skyrocketed in the market and promise many exciting adventures to come. With a fun loving, dedicated and hardworking team who aspires to be leaders, never followers, in their industry, there has never been a better chance to join us and start or enhance your marketing career.

The Garage Project’s mission

At the heart of it, Garage Project wants to create exciting and unique drinks and deliver mind-blowing experiences that go beyond a beer in a glass. Afterwards, they also want to be loved locally and admired internationally for what they do.

Laura Curtis.

“When people walk into the brewery, we want to create and nurture loving fans who are thrilled to be a part of what we do. We want to stay accessible at all times – never exclude, never preach. No rights or wrongs. No beer snobbery or telling people how they should experience beers, ”says Laura Curtis, head of people and culture for the Garage Project.

“We strive to deliver the kind of range that means there is something for everyone, anytime, anywhere on their beer journey. If they like lagers, great, we have one. Don’t like hops? Great, try this. Not at all a beer lover? Here is an acid. We are not here to dictate the flavors they should enjoy, but to facilitate and guide their exploration of new territories.

Garage Project has always been keen to try something new. It’s a mantra, which, combined with a tirelessly curious nature, has helped them discover new areas and ultimately work towards their goal of changing beer forever.

“We’re not by far the biggest brewery, but we always aim to be the most interesting and to take leadership positions where possible – whether it’s around the style of beer, how we serve the beer. beer, down to our sustainable development and R&D work. efforts to create the next great hops in New Zealand, ”says co-founder Jos Ruffell.

The role

Is this the best marketing job in New Zealand? It would have to be close. Budgets may be smaller than those of banks, but the ability to make a difference and have fun while traveling is unmatched. For Australasia’s next marketing superstar, Garage Project is a great place to hone and hone your already awesome skills.

Garage Project has built its brand by doing amazing creative work and now needs someone who can help on this journey in partnership with the founders and team of the brewery. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate how they have applied their creative skills and judgment to consistently produce high profile work that changes brands.

Ruffell says it’s the perfect job for young creative minds because the brand sits at the perfect intersection of art, culture, music and food.

“This role will put you squarely in the middle of that, imagining and leading creative beer and product related campaigns that will hopefully wow a few minds and palates along the way.”


The GP team works at a rapid pace, in several cities and countries. They run an ambitious NPD pipeline, so there is always something new and exciting to work on.

From concept to can in hand, Garage Project takes care of the travel, which means there are plenty of opportunities to engage with the wider team and run new campaigns across the entire company. brewery.

“We have a strong culture and love to help our team grow and develop new skills. We’re a proud employer offering a living wage, we offer incentives if you want to cycle to work, and we even have a staff equity pool, ”said Ruffell.

“Did we also mention beer? You will receive your own personal bottle with weekly refills in addition to being the first to try new versions every week.

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