Introducing the Razer Seiren V2 Professional, looking for a perfect microphone for streaming?


These days, October 19, one of the new Razer microphones goes on sale. Safe in its {most professional} variant, All-new Seiren V2 Professional is coming to become a top choice for content creators. After trying it several times and for many uses, it feels like its main function is completely fulfilled. What was pleasure once like?

Razer Seiren V2 Professional, an ideal bet for content creators

Discovering the strength of the logo in the gaming industry, it is obvious that this new Razer Seiren V2 Professional comes with an overly transparent concept in mind: offer the most productive provider to those customers who want to enjoy streaming in a meaningful way. And this is where we have now noticed its greatest effectiveness, even assuming we are entering the element now. Its 159.99 euro value presents its current state of play available in the market, and even assuming it will always be a better choice to go for a qualified microphone and an external sound card if you need the most productive effects, relating to sound. high quality and function. convenience of use, we now have an ideal exhibitor.

You only have to position the microphone on the support which is integrated in the field and fix it by using the USB in your PC for the assembly to start working. There are no additional arrangements to be made prematurely and we would not have another device.. Strap in and experiment. Despite the fact that it is true that it is important to make a few changes to probably get the most optimal effects.

Design can be very careful, with rounded shapes (a little different from what we notice in the emblem of this sector) and with an excessively sober black tip. The only pop of color, an inexperienced vintage Razer, appears at the button at the entrance. Nothing more. Very chic and simple to put on any floor or arm, something I highly suggest after trying it.

The Razer Seiren V2 Professional is a dynamic microphone with a filter that reduces low frequencies. This means that it mechanically cancels out the noises that can cause discomfort, specializing in the voice. A virtual limiter also helps prevent imaginable distortions and, one of the essentials of this type of microphone, but one which is very popular, is the ability to connect headphones to its mini-jack port to enjoy the sound at the same time. . the mic. On this method, it acts as one of these sound cards: it captures the sound and we will be able to pay attention to it right away via this port, alongside the rest of the PC sounds. This is best for making quick calls or for working outside the home, for example, the place where you want best to attach the microphone to the USB port and a headset to start working.

In application, the worst factor when it comes to the Razer Seiren V2 Professional is the ambient sound. It has exceptional energy to pick up sounds which is actually dangerous after applying it to the bottom. Sporting other reviews with him on this mode, there were a few choices left to make the sound as optimal as possible: both to capture the voice at very low volumes, or to listen to any other movement being made around it. It is unimaginable to avoid these sounds such as mouse movement or small touches made in the office with the arms do not seem to be captured. Keep this in mind if you want to use the microphone on this method.

The place that I discovered the most productive effects with the Razer Seiren V2 Professional have been putting it on one arm and bringing it as close as possible to the mouth when recording vocals. The microphone also has a few wheel knobs on the input, which allows you to increase or decrease the volume if you have now connected headphones and, most importantly, the only one that allows you to increase or decrease the level of performance. With this 2nd button we will be able to allow the microphone to roughly select the sound around it, so that you can avoid the most obvious inconvenience of ambient noise, it is better to keep it low and output it as closed as conceivable to the mouth to speak. Thus, the sound is captured very empty and with little external noise.

The area includes the everyday hat which can help get rid of certain weed sounds made with the mouth, even assuming I suggest putting out a pop filter all the time, which looks a lot better under these circumstances.

As soon as configured and in the favorite association (high on one arm, with little reach and in reference to the mouth), the sound picked up by the Razer Seiren V2 Professional is unlikely. It can’t compete with other skilled studio microphones, after all, but that’s not its job. The voice is picked up very cleanly and the rendering is excellent. Perhaps, because of this computerized low frequency relief, the voice sounds a little less than the same old one in different microphones, but nothing that spoils its good use.

It’s there, after we’ve organized ourselves to find a just position for the microphone and a great performing environment, when presentations that this can be a very viable choice for any consumer who needs to create content online. Whether it’s for live streaming, video or podcasting, the Razer Seiren V2 Professional performs brilliantly. The simplicity of its use and its chic design make it more aesthetically pleasing to display on a digital camera.

Moreover, thanks to this fair advantage, can be used to make personnel records, by simply putting the microphone in a central house and extending its range. However, as I mentioned, it won’t save you from having to be more careful with making different sounds that the microphone will pick too simply.

Its function, on the other hand, which is to reach customers who are fascinated by broadcasting, living or developing online content, is more than fulfilled. If you need a microphone that can select your voice at a qualified level for this kind of creationsThe Razer Seiren V2 Professional is an unlikely choice for the microphones that have dominated this market so far.


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