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Google has added new rich results for learning videos. Learning videos are videos for students and teachers to discover and watch educational videos. They include the level of education, concept and skills discussed in the video. there is news structured data learning videos to accompany these new results rich in learning videos.

Here’s what Google posted about what these tutorial videos might look like:

Google Search Learning Video Rich Results

Google said that “actual appearance in search results may differ. You can preview most features with the rich results test.”

The enriched learning video results are available on mobile and desktop search results in English when searching for academic learning content.

The full definition of VideoObject and LearningResource is available at VideoObject and LearningResource. You must include the required properties for your content to be displayed as rich results in a learning video. You can also include recommended properties to add more information about your content, which could provide a better user experience.

Specific technical guidelines include:

  • In addition to the tutorial video markup, you must add the required and recommended VideoObject properties.
  • The video must be publicly available to watch without a subscription.
  • The total duration of the video must be at least 30 seconds.
  • The tutorial video markup should be added to a page where users can watch the video. It’s a bad user experience to direct users to a page where they can’t watch the video.

I suspect these will show up in Google Search Console improvement reports and other performance report filters shortly.

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