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YouTube has partnered with Ali-A to create its own global talent show called uTure, which will find the next big content creator. Kind of in the same vein of shows like X factor and whatever the version of [Your Country]’s Got Talent, the judges will hold a massive contest to see who has it to become the next big thing on the platform. It’s an interesting concept, but also a little weird because YouTube basically promotes a bunch of people and then decides which of them are worth checking out, all hosted by Ali-A. But hey, the show has the potential to be a breakthrough for people who love discovering new online celebrities and content creators. We have a preview of how everything will play out below.

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uTure is a global talent show for finding the next generation of YouTube game creators. Brought together and hosted by Ali-A, which is one of the UK’s most popular and influential creators with over 25 million subscribers on its YouTube channels, uTure will feature some of the biggest YouTube creators in the world to act as judges. , including LilSimsie, Lachlan and many more. With a grand prize of $100,000 up for grabs, uTure will put their creative skills to the test in a weekly tournament to become a YouTube Gaming sensation.

Registration opens at 6:00 p.m. BST. Entrants from around the world will submit their entry in English in the form of a YouTube short film, a new short mobile creative video experience on YouTube, and entrants will have up to 60 seconds to impress the judges and win their place among the winners. 10 best. finalists participating in the show. Creating a YouTube short film to enter is simple: on the YouTube app, click the (+) button to create a short film, then film and edit your entry. Once done, upload it using the hashtag #uTureShow. Entries can also be created using any other editing application, as long as it matches the parameters of a YouTube short (under 60 seconds and vertical). Once it’s published, submit your YouTube short to for a chance to be featured in the all-new gaming talent show. Submissions close May 8, 2022, so get creative!

In June, the top 10 applicants will face weekly content creation challenges for 9 weeks, hosted on the new dedicated site uTure channel. They will be rated by some of the biggest game creators on the platform, who have a total audience of over 150 million subscribers. Episodes will air twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays) and each will feature a unique content creation challenge. Judges will provide a score and constructive feedback to each entrant to help them hone their skills week after week. Fans can vote for their favorite contestants via and at the end of each week, Ali-A and the judges will decide which contestants move on to the next round.

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