You can now discover NFTs on OpenSea using the Presearch search engine


The decentralized search engine platform Presearch has unveiled an NFT search feature which is powered by market leader NFT OpenSea.

With the ‘first of its kind’ functionality, users can now search and find the wide range of NFTs on OpenSea directly through a ‘decentralized, community-powered search engine’.

Following a search query, users will then immediately be able to see the best OpenSea results directly in their search results.

The Presearch team has been working with OpenSea over the past few months to integrate their API as well as the additional data needed to introduce this native NFT search feature.

Presearch also plans to work with other NFT markets in the future to “continually improve its research results” and help NFT enthusiasts find more unique NFT collections and collections.

Colin Pape, the founder of Presearch, explained how he can deliver a more decentralized user experience to the crypto community.

“Google has served purchase results through search for years, and now we’re rethinking that concept for the era of Web3 decentralization,” he said.

“The crypto community is a community that values ​​the separation of centralized systems developed by big technologies. Whether it is financial freedom or confidentiality, web users 3 are building communities that are increasingly moving away from these establishments.

Presearch rewards platform users with “PRE” tokens every time they research, including NFTs, which they can trade for other cryptocurrencies on the exchanges.

OpenSea remains the leading NFT marketplace and recently crossed the $ 10 billion volume mark in 2021 after several stellar months in the NFT space since August.

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