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Am index term, subject term, subject heading or descriptor, in information retrieval, is a term that captures the essence of the subject of a document. The terms in the index constitute a controlled vocabulary for use in bibliographic records.

Keywords or keyword phrases are what people type into search engines when they search for information. They are essential for your content to be noticed. Choosing effective keywords can help your job connect with your target audience. How? ‘Or’ What? Because they tell the search engine about your content and direct readers to your website. This is how people find content, but how can you make sure they cross your content?

You can use plugins and follow the given steps to get good SEO, but it’s very hard to rank on keywords unless you keep posting regularly. Another concern was about the type of content. It might be difficult to implement SEO in poetry or other forms of literature, maybe even in the regional language. Choosing a niche can help sort this out. In addition, Google Search Console, RankMath, Yoast, Marketmuse, Buzzsumo, SEMrush are the preferred SEO tools.

One way to figure out which keywords are right for you is to go through your blog and figure out what you talk about the most. Your keywords can be found there and this is the best place to start. For example, “book blog” would be a keyword swimming among millions, but “best book blog in India” could narrow the searches. Adding a twist to keywords and posting consistently can help your blog rank.

We also discussed whether the keyword or blog post came first. We can really go both ways. If you have a topic in mind, you can think of the appropriate keyword. Sometimes a concept comes first, followed by the keyword and post.

There are even free online tools for generating keywords and headlines. However, we have to remember that a keyword can drive traffic, but a well-written article is what will keep your readers engaged and on the blog longer. So they both have to blend together really well.

You can use Buzzsumo for research, Quora for topic research, and keywordseverywhere for keyword research. You can also use Google Keyword Planner or for good keywords.

Most of us have some sort of checklist before we publish our article. Adding the right tags, external and internal links, optimized images, a catchy title, the fact that the keyword is not present more than 4 to 5 times in the post are few achievable indicators. And then you are on the right track to making your article discoverable on the search engine! #KhabarLive #hydnews protection status


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