Vivaldi browser users can’t change search engine from Bing


Founded by the co-founder and CEO of Opera, Vivaldi Technologies is a company that develops a free cross-platform web browser called Vivaldi.

With 2.4 million active users, the browser was primarily designed for those who didn’t like Opera’s Presto layout engine and wanted to switch to a Chromium-based solution.

It is also the first browser available on Android Automotive OS, but it can only be used when the car is parked. That said, many have recently reported that the browser crashes or closes after the v5.2 update.

And although it seems to be fixed, Vivaldi users are now saying they can’t change their search engine from Bing after the v5.3 update (1,2,3,4,5).

Some have tried selecting from the list of search engines, resetting their browser settings and completely reinstalling the app, but nothing seems to help.

Here are a bunch of reports from Vivaldi users who cannot change their search engine provider from Bing after the recent update.

Vivaldi browser cannot change Bing search engine

@vivaldibrowser after the last Bing update is the default search engine and I can’t change it, it always comes back even after resetting to defaults. Why? I hate using bing, especially without planting trees by @Ecosia

The default search was changed to Bing after an update and I can’t change it. Basically what the title says. I’m on Windows 11. The browser just updated to 5.3.2679.38, and for some reason Bing is the default search engine. I can’t change it in search settings. When I go there, I see the list of search engines, but it won’t let me select any. I also can’t remove Bing from the list. I can change the image and private search. Has anyone else seen this?

Fortunately, Vivaldi’s developers quickly acknowledged the issue and said they were working to fix it. They also shared a workaround which is to disable all search engine related extensions and re-enable them.

Apologies😢. This is a bug we are working on. While waiting for a fix, here is a workaround. Disable all search engine related extensions. After that, you can turn them back on without any issues returning.

We hope Vivaldi developers will release an update soon that will fix the issue and allow users to differentiate search engines from Bing.

If and when they do, we’ll update this article as we find more information, so be sure to stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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