The Google search engine is getting smarter: the news will arrive on your mobile


At today’s Google Search On event, the company announced all the news regarding Artificial intelligence who will soon arrive at your place Search engine, featured important news in its mobile search engine.

Google implements the most advanced AI provide users with research more natural and intuitive, since the search engine will understand better and offer more contexts for our questions.

More context in your search engine

Last May, during Google I / O 2021, the company announced that it had taken a significant step towards understanding information with the unified multitasking model, also known as MOM by its abbreviation.

All the while, Google has been testing MUM’s potential in its search engine with experiments, but in the coming months, these will not materialize in the new features that will come to its search engine.

With MUM, a new way to visually search. For example, when using Google Goal We can refine the search by saying that she is looking for socks with the same type of shirt pattern that we analyzed. we’ll be able to combine images and texts to refine our query.

Another example that Google shows is that we broke a part of the bike which we don’t know what it is called. We take a photo with Google Lens and put “How to fix it” and Google will identify the broken part and show us tutorials to fix it.

Finder reimagined

Google It has also announced its intention to rethink its search engine in the coming months, launching a new design for its search results where it will integrate the full potential of its new artificial intelligence.

A new section entitled “Things to know”, or “Things to Know”, will allow us to explore and understand topics that may be of interest to us and relate to the main research. For example, we are looking for “acrylic paints” and in this section we will see a small index with access to tutorials, tips and more on painting with this material.

Also soon we will find the new sections “Refine this search” with suggestions that can help us more easily find what we are looking for, or the future section “Expand this search” with other related search terms.

Press the results in video

Finally, and soon too, Google will offer a new experience in its video search results, identify related topics and providing links to easily continue to delve into our query. For example, if we search for a species of penguins, when we click on a video we will see related topics, such as the island they live on or other species of animals that live with penguins.

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