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SpendHQ announced on Tuesday that it would merge with procurement performance management specialist Per Angusta, receiving a $65 million investment from Pamlico Capital to fund the transaction, the spend analytics provider said in a statement. Press.

As part of the transaction, Per Angusta CEO Pierre Laprée will join SpendHQ as a significant shareholder, board member and chief product officer. He will join the SpendHQ management team led by CEO Scott Macfee. Per Angusta employees will join SpendHQ, resulting in a combined organization with team members in 11 countries on three continents. The combined entity will serve more than 400 customers worldwide.

SpendHQ, based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides a unique solution in its approach to spend analysis and emergent adjacencies, as we wrote about in our 2021 Vendor Review. In addition to an analytics solution that offers best-in-class, do-it-yourself reporting and opportunity insights across the entire spend base, SpendHQ has in recent years expanded its scope of application to include compliance management, supplier information management and visibility, documentation (contract management), and in-depth category intelligence across dozens of often under-analyzed categories.

These core extensions of spend analytics, particularly in the area of ​​category management, increasingly position SpendHQ as a provider capable of tackling both the transactional and strategic aspects of the spend business. provisioning outside of transaction processing. But they hadn’t yet fully laid the foundation for a true platform for planning and executing sourcing strategy.

This is where Per Angusta comes in. Based in France but growing in North America, Per Angusta, a scrappy former start-up, pioneered the category of purchasing performance management, delivering a solution designed just for the category, l supply, supplier and supply. management program management, as we wrote in our second vendor review.

It’s also a platform in the sense of the definition – think platform as a service (PaaS) – because it supports open, deep, application-specific integrations with third-party provisioning technologies. that organizations might already have in place or are in the process of selecting and executing.

This second point is the critical factor to understand the combination of Per Augusta with SpendHQ. While Per Angusta’s pipeline and category management capabilities are a natural merge point with spend analytics, its ability to serve as the underlying platform for sourcing strategy orchestration creates a unique offer on the market. In our terminology, the combination creates perhaps the most successful example of what we call an “alternative suite” for sourcing strategy – a strategic spend terminal.

To guide clients, prospects and other market participants through the implications of the transaction, this Spend Matters PRO brief provides an overview of exactly what Per Angusta does, including its unique positioning as a platform provider. stretch. It also explores the rationale for the transaction in the context of SpendHQ’s evolving product set and Spend Matters’ “alternative suite” concept. Finally, we conclude with a quick market analysis and recommendations for those evaluating both spend analytics and procurement performance management solutions.

To learn more about Per Angusta’s supply performance management capabilities, we recommend reading our two-part Supplier Analysis PRO on the supplier and reviewing our Spring 2022 SolutionMap results.

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