Thor’s electric motorhome concept gets 300 mile range and looks amazing


Although some may disagree, motorhomes are a great way to vacation. They provide the freedom that every vacation provides while providing the comforts of home on wheels. Despite the relatively large upfront payment for a motorhome, once purchased, a motorhome means it is more viable to have a greater number of vacations throughout the year. Motorhomes also offer family flexibility, which is even more feasible when you have children and pets. Kids meals can be healthy, cheap and just the way your kids like it, while your furry friends can come with you instead of putting them in expensive kennels.

Eco-friendly motorhomes don’t just leave you with the guilt of not harming the environment, there are plenty of reasons to opt for an electric motorhome. Of course, electric charging stations are not always present and are less common than traditional gas stations, but they are getting there and with the ever-increasing need for electric vehicles, it is certain that many more of these charging stations are will be erected. With that in mind, battery technology has improved dramatically over the past few years, dramatically increasing the mileage range and it’s sure to only get better, giving you the ability to travel all over the country, even across the world, without having to fill up an energy-guzzling monster.

Some people seem to think motorhomes are cheap and inferior to package holidays, but that’s not the case, many motorhomes offer extremely spacious and luxurious holidays, sometimes proving more lavish than many rooms hotel and motel. Despite their size, motorhomes tend to be reasonably easy to drive, all that’s needed is a little extra care and consistency. Taking luxury and economy to another level is the new all-electric Thor’s Concept, let’s take a look.

Even motorhomes are now looking to the electric future

loading thor motorhome concept

Thor Industries, like the van and truck market, believes camper vans embark on the electric path and show the very future of the electric vehicle. Being a very serious contender against its gasoline-powered rivals, it provides a vacation for your whole family while burning no fossil fuels! While the Winnebago electric RV seems like a more traditional RV, the concept of Thor seems like a complete transformation of the RV experience. With its impressive mileage range, it’s going to be exciting and interesting to see new battery segments and technologies evolve. Compared to Winnebago’s all-electric RV, Thor’s concept electric motorhome is way above the Winnebago, especially when it comes to mileage range, Thor’s concept offers a range of 300 miles while the The recently introduced Winnebago only has a range of 125 miles, which means, the concept Thor has double the mileage range!

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How advanced is the technology of this unique RV?

thor concept motorhome interior

While the Thor motorhome is still in the design stage, its amazing specs are already known. Thor’s Vision fully embraces today’s digital age with displays replacing all major vehicle functions, including incredible entertainment experiences, an advanced power management system that helps drivers monitor the life of the vehicle battery and a virtual cockpit. The management system also allows you to intelligently monitor where your nearest charging point is, reducing the risk of being stranded without nearby charging points, this smart technology also provides you with information on how much charge is needed to reach the next campsite destination.

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Is it the most versatile RV ever?


Thor claims this new all-electric motorhome is the most versatile electric recreational vehicle concept ever designed and created. Insightful voice functions simplify all activities and maneuvers in the RV, while voice functions also help control, monitor and inform you of the vehicle and its functions. Like any other motorhome, Thor’s electric motorhome comes with all the typical interior comfort features such as kitchen, beds, toilet, storage compartment and seating area.

After taking a look at what Thor’s all-electric motorhome looks like and taking a quick look at its specs, it’s clear that it’s state-of-the-art, with a length of ahead of all other electric motorhomes. This shows that even the motorhome space is moving towards the electric future. Offering absolutely incredible mileage and remarkably advanced technologies, you and your family will be entertained throughout your vacation which will be long considering its mileage. Due to the progress of Thor’s Ideait’s expected to be an expensive investment, although no figures have been officially released, but who knows, maybe all the VR pessimists could jump on the bandwagon and become VR enthusiasts VR with this amazing concept!

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