Dell launches the concept of the Pari webcam that can stick to monitors


Image: Dell

Dell unveiled a number of concepts this week, and among the most useful and likely is its Concept Pari, a Wi-Fi powered webcam that can stick to a monitor and allow the user to maintain contact. visual correct when turned on. a video call.

“After countless mockups including flashlights, adhesives, suction cups and magnets later, Concept Pari was created,” Dell Technologies Customer Solutions Group CTO Glen Robson said in an article by blog.

“It can be placed directly – anywhere – on compatible displays, in a charging station, on a stand or even hand-held.”

Dell did not develop compatible monitors, but this would likely involve magnetic media. The company also showed that the camera was attached to a metal arm to allow viewing of objects from above.

The 30-gram webcam offers 1080p video, has a USB-C docking station for wireless charging, and the camera can be placed upside down to ensure the user is not sneaky or via stupid user error, being watched.

For Concept Flow, Dell is back to the heady days of a decade ago, when companies like Intel were pushing wireless power and wireless monitor connectivity.

“Imagine heading to a smart workspace where your laptop automatically connects to displays, mouse, keyboard, and your trusted network before you sit down. You’re ready to pick up right where you want to go. you are arrested for the last time, ”said Robson.

Simultaneously, when you put down your laptop, it’s powered wirelessly (no more searching for cords or crawling awkwardly under desks!). And when you’re ready to move to your next location, the Concept Flow’s proximity automatically disconnects you when you leave. This transition between spaces becomes frictionless. ”


Image: Dell

Dell also previewed Concept Stanza, an 11-inch tablet for note-taking without a camera or speaker, but with a stylus and microphone for transcription, and double tap on Stanza converts. handwriting to text.

As design concepts, there is no guarantee that the ideas will end up in production.

Maybe more durable with Luna moonshot


Image: Dell

Earlier this week, Dell introduced Concept Luna, an effort to reduce waste and make laptops more durable. If the concept design were to come to fruition, Dell believes it would reduce the product’s carbon footprint by 50%, thanks to a 75% smaller motherboard and 20% reduced component count.

The Concept Luna device’s motherboard is placed behind the screen, providing better cooling thanks to “more surface area exposed to cooler air outside” and the distance from the batteries. Potentially, that could eliminate a fan to cool the motherboard, Dell said.

With standardized harvestable parts and modules, maintaining the system with four screws, and using two keystones instead of adhesives to hold parts in place, Dell hopes this could lead to better reuse and potentially to multiple lives for laptops.

“Proving what’s possible is only the first step, the next is to take these innovative sustainable design ideas and assess which ones have the greatest scalability potential in our product portfolio,” said Robson.

“This concept, and future iterations and others that will follow, is how we’ll build on the existing circular economy leadership that you see in our product portfolio today to review, revisit and reconsider. every step of the product lifecycle, to deliver even more sustainable products in the future. ”

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