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Dell Technologies unveiled Concept Flow, Concept Pari and Concept Stanza, thoughtful strategies designed to work in tandem to create a seamless experience and help increase productivity in the future of hybrid work we find ourselves in now.

After all, this is an environment that needs to be flexible while improving productivity wherever you are. We must therefore be able to switch from one device to another without problems, while communicating and collaborating.

First, with team members more mobile and fluid than ever, Concept Flow is poised to take the irritation out of connectivity by banning cables. Focused on solutions, it was born for wireless desktop setups so that devices can connect automatically when in use, with a user only having to open their laptop to start working.

It’s an adaptable solution that combines devices, industry-standard wireless charging technology, smart software applications, and 6E WiFi docking technology to create a unique experience.

This means users can get to a smart workspace and their laptops automatically connect to displays, mouse, keyboard, and your trusted network before you sit down with your coffee, ready to resume. where you left off.

Best of all, when you put down your laptop, it’s powered wirelessly, so no more crawling under desks, unless you’ve dropped spare change …

Then, when you move to the next remote location, Concept Flow’s proximity sensing feature automatically disconnects you, making the transition between spaces frictionless.

In addition, Concept Pari aims to extend video conferencing connectivity through a wireless and portable webcam, so users can remove it from the top of their monitor and stick it to any surface while streaming without interruption.

Inclusive environments in the hybrid world aim to reduce barriers between team members so that everyone has an equal experience, no matter where they work or join on a particular day – and virtual meetings do more. in addition part.

As a result, camera placement is more important than ever, hence Concept Pari’s agile approach as it promotes more meaningful human interaction when it comes to things like eye contact or sharing written notes. or sketch, or keep that damn cat out of sight …

The wireless camera is small and, at only 30g, very handy. It has a microphone and offers 1080p video over WiFi. There’s also a built-in USB-C docking station for wireless charging.

Concept Stanza, meanwhile, uses a portable electronic notepad to streamline ideas and speed up the transfer of files and typed and handwritten notes between setups.

The 11-inch portless companion device is, in its essence, designed to make note taking easier and smarter. There are no cameras or speakers, freeing you from distractions.

Just double tap to instantly convert the notes you’ve taken on them to text, and they become searchable, searchable, and shareable on any device, eliminating the hassle of searching through that pile of old notebooks and post-it notes.


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