Dell Concept Flow is the docking station of the future



Much of CES sees products coming soon. Concepts for the future are equally important, however. Dell made it stand out with its Concept Flow, a future docking station designed to make it easier and safer to move between workspaces.

According to Dell, “Concept Flow is an adaptable design solution that could eliminate many of these frustrations and disruptors to productivity. Essentially, that means it’s a docking station that eliminates the hassle we typically see with docking stations.

“Our teams have married devices, standard wireless charging technology, smart software applications and 6E Wi-Fi docking technology to create a unique and seamless experience,” Dell said in a statement. Press.

Basically you walk over to that futuristic workstation, put down your laptop, and everything works. Your laptop charges wirelessly, you connect to the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and you start working. When you’re done, you get up with your laptop and everything automatically logs you out so the next person can jump on it and start their job.

If you’re curious about how it will all work, Dell has posted a video showcasing the technology, which you can find below, and it really looks seamless. Of course, it’s a concept, so it’s not clear exactly when we’ll have one in our office.

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