Role of programmatic job advertising in redefining the career search for new-age women


The future of working women in the new age of automation emphasizes artificial intelligence to provide new job opportunities and new prospects for economic advancement.

In the current phase of transition, women must be aware of the challenges and ensure that the use of technology can be made to overcome them. After breaking into traditionally male-dominated employment sectors, the next step in the evolution of women’s career progression (as a whole) would be to move into higher managerial and decision-making positions. . Even though there may be ubiquitous obstacles, getting them to the right place at the right time through the right medium should be the priority.

To take the success story of women to the next level, programmatic employment advertising could be a game-changer. The concept of programmatic advertising has long been used by marketers. However, in the context of recruiting, the process takes into account analytics and machine learning to target specific audiences with whom a recruiter wants to send a hiring message.

This article discusses how programmatic job postings could help female employees seize the best opportunities and what the future of work would mean for women.

The dynamics of women in the different work positions

The rise of programmatic job advertising coincides with a time when women have broken down traditional stereotypes about their “abilities” to do work that requires technical skills or decision-making abilities. For example, 45% of government-recognized start-ups in the country are led and managed by women. This includes certain industries not traditionally associated with women, such as electronics and chemical manufacturing. Consequently, in addition to having leadership roles in the business sector, women are now making their presence felt in almost every field, suggesting that an additional 30 million women-owned businesses will provide 150 to 170 million jobs by 2030.

Benefits of Programmatic Job Platforms in Women’s Career Advancement

One of the most important factors that will boost the evolution of women in the workplace is the fact that they are not limited to a particular industry or job. From CXO to digital marketer, there are opportunities for female employees in all emerging and traditional industries. The most important thing is to ensure that the interaction between employers and candidates is efficient and smooth.

With a better level of interaction between job seekers and providers, it is expected that some of the macro level issues such as wage disparity can be resolved. Even though women have progressed in different sectors, there is still a glass ceiling that prevents them from progressing as quickly as their male counterparts. With more opportunities and a faster recruitment timeframe, both of these issues should also be resolved in the future.

Some of the other benefits that programmatic employment platforms are expected to offer female employees and applicants include:

The expanded reach of programmatic job platforms

The global reach of recruiters is wide and these platforms could be used to track the career path of candidates. There is therefore a better balance between labor demand and supply. Recruiters can automate job ads to appear on job platforms and female candidates can easily navigate to the exact positions they want to apply for.

Obtain actionable insights

Recruiters can gather a lot of information about the potential candidate in the form of real-time analytics, which improves the overall hiring experience and reduces the time it takes to hire the right candidate for the job. Candidates can rest assured that rather than missing out on opportunities, their profiles are scanned and aligned for selection based on the exact job requirements and skills they have.

Improved candidate experience

The overall relationship between recruiters and candidates is improved because there is a lot of transparency. Candidates can learn almost everything about the company and job details even before applying.

Retargeting potential candidates

If a candidate visited the website but did not apply for the job, these platforms offer a laser targeting approach to finding the profile. Retargeting these leads often avoids losing top-quality candidates who might otherwise have been left behind.

Apply for jobs that match their needs

Identifying and attracting suitable candidates has always been difficult, whether you employ a registered nurse, an entry-level customer service professional or a data scientist. Rising levels of unemployment due to labor market disruptions from the pandemic have resulted in a high number of potential applicants for all types of occupations.

Last word

The career progression of women employed in the country is now in a decisive phase. The market trends are clear enough as various glass ceilings are being smashed and women are constantly breaking down doors that were previously closed. In such an era of progression, candidates need to understand the importance of HR technology advancements, such as programmatic job postings. Technology is gender neutral and therefore the growth opportunities for women in different sectors and industries are endless. The most important thing is to interact with job providers through the best means available.



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