How To Build A Positive Mindset For Success In Your Job Search


The way we talk about finding a new job is wrong. It usually starts with the CV and LinkedIn profile. Instead, before you do anything, check your mindset.

Finding a new job can be a long and painful process. There are ups and downs on a roller coaster. Interviewers will be rude and ghost you. Meetings canceled without notice. You will need to interview three to ten or more people over the course of several months.

This isn’t meant to deter you from looking for a new opportunity, it’s about managing expectations and cultivating the right mindset. The concept of state of mind is about how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

The internal voices in our head shape what we do and how we react to situations. Cultivating a growth mindset, where you feel like you can achieve whatever you want, is one of the best keys to success. Thinking positively and seeing the bright side of things greatly improves your chances of finding a new job and advancing in your career.

Put the work aspect aside. From a social point of view, who would you prefer to associate with?

The power of positive self-talk

When doubts about yourself set in, don’t dwell on them. Put them out of your mind. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what the job search entails. At every step, you’ll feel like you’ve bombarded a meeting, blamed yourself for saying something embarrassing, or forgetting to say important things to the interviewer.

Instead of ruminating on what went or went wrong, focus on what you did right and tell yourself that you will learn from your mistakes. This is how we grow. Stop being so self-critical. If a family member or friend told you the way you talk to yourself, you would sever ties with them.

You have the power to turn off the negative feedback loop. Replace that unnecessary monologue with positive thoughts. Replay all the times you have overcome the obstacles.


Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the job you want. Imagine how great it would be to distance yourself from your bad boss. If you want remote work, imagine how wonderful it will be to waste the three hours of commuting daily. Think about the extra time you could spend with your spouse, partner, and children. Replay this movie in your head as you go through the interview process.

Personal improvement

Instead of getting angry for being a ghost, let it go. Watch it like you’ve dodged a bullet. If the business has ghosted you, this isn’t the place you want to work.

During the interview, the hiring manager wants someone they perceive as a go-getter. With a positive mindset, you will bring in the energy and passion that she desires.

We are good at some things and bad at most. Focus on your main strengths and abilities. When it comes to your weaknesses, don’t get discouraged, seek help. If you’re an introvert, find a career coach or a good recruiter who could help you become more comfortable with interviews. The recruiter could help you craft an elevator pitch, in which you could sell yourself. They might also work with you to improve the way you answer difficult interview questions.

Good planning increases confidence

You wouldn’t make a long road trip without a navigation system. Football players don’t run on the pitch without a game plan. Quarterbacks call games that coaches have prepared beforehand. Architects write complex plans before building a house. It’s the same with your job search. Prepare a game plan and put it into action. .

Search online for anything related to the business. Check out interviewers’ LinkedIn profiles and social media posts. Review the job description. Match your elevator pitch to the job requirements. Practice your pitch out loud. Have a friend play a role with you or make a video so you can analyze your performance, just like sports teams reviewed videos from the last game to improve. Think about all the types of questions they can ask and have answers available to you.

The more you know about the company, its products and services, its history, its mission statement and the people who work there, as well as your preparation, you will feel confident. It will shine through the conversation with the interviewer. They will sense your energy and respect the work you put in to prepare for the interview.

Get in mental, emotional and physical shape

The search for a new job is like a marathon, coupled with an obstacle course and a decathlon. It’s a test of endurance. You will need to eat well, sleep well, and exercise. Start a healthy diet and a workout routine. Go to bed early and wake up early. Stop drinking, smoking and using drugs. Like an athlete training for the big game, you want to be in great shape to deal with all the emotional ups and downs, rejection, discouragement, and stress associated with the interview process.

Limit your exposure to toxic people, as they will bring you down. Associate with positive, career-oriented people. Build a network of these types of people as they will be your support system in your job search journey.

Meet successful recruiters and choose their brains to find out what works. Join networking events and Meetups. You will be invigorated by their energy. You will learn new interview techniques. You could explain why you may not have received a job offer and focus on making positive changes to your interview style and approach.

Take a moment to celebrate the small victories

It’s hard to stay focused and motivated when you encounter obstacles. Take the time to congratulate yourself and celebrate all the little milestones along the way. It could be a productive video interview, meeting a recruiter who trusts you, or being invited for a second round of interviews.

As you celebrate triumphs, you will gain confidence. You will focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Small wins will give you the fuel to pass the maintenance gauntlet and succeed.

Your reason ‘Why’

When you work for something bigger than yourself, the chances of success increase. There is something hardwired within us that if we act in the name of a meaningful effort that will help others, it makes us unstoppable and invincible.

Maybe it is because you want to earn more money which will help improve the life of your family. Maybe it’s to get out of an untenable situation with a horrible boss, and your sanity will improve.

Keep reminding yourself, especially when things look bleak, the reasons why you are looking. Use it as a mantra that you say to yourself throughout the day. When things look bleak, think, “I’m doing this for the sake of my kids,” and they deserve the best, so “I’ll do whatever I can to make their lives better.

You can substitute your own custom mantras. It will give you the inner strength to move forward. When you do things for others, you can achieve greatness and overcome any obstacle in your path.


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