Google adds online guitar tuner to its built-in search engine functions


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In the same way as we have seen previously with other useful tools, this time the Google search engine has just included a practical integrated tuner, which will allow us to use any microphone to function as a completely free online guitar tuner.

In fact, one of the great advantages of this Google tuner is that we can use it from any device with internet access, which can be accessed both from the Google app on mobiles and tablets, as well as from the web browser of any computer.

This was shared by Android Police, who explains that to access this feature, added silently during this week, we will only have to search for “Google tuner” in our search engine. As can be seen, the interface is virtually identical to that of most digital applications and manual tuners.

Google search engine for online guitar tuner

Google search engine for online guitar tuner

Google search engine for online guitar tuner
Google search engine for online guitar tuner

To start tuning our musical instrument, we must tap microphone icon so that the tool starts listening to the sounds (if we are in the browser, it can ask us for permission to access our microphone). After that we will only have to touch a rope so that the tool detects your pitch automatically and point to the note we are looking for, telling us whether we should tune higher or lower if necessary. Unfortunately, we miss the ability to directly select the tone we want to target.

On the other hand, the fact that not be able to switch between the traditional nomenclature and that normally used for these instruments. However, this in turn allows us tune other instruments such as basses or violins, for which, as we have been able to prove, continue to offer great precision.

And it is that although it is undoubtedly a great help if we need to tune our instrument in a hurry, undoubtedly this tool is far from replacing conventional tunerstoo dependent on the quality of the microphone used, without the possibility of connecting an electric guitar, and being quite sensitive to background ambient noise.


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