Google announces more powerful search engine technology


Google announced more powerful search engine technology that combines search criteria for more precise, tailored results. The company has enhanced its expertise in artificial intelligence to streamline the user experience and maintain its grip on web traffic.

The company unveiled the platform at its Search On ’21 event, where Google executives discussed how their AI developments aim to make information on the web more useful while limiting the spread of disinformation.

Google announces more powerful search engine technology

“There is more information accessible at your fingertips than at any time in human history. And advances in artificial intelligence will radically transform the way we use this information, with the possibility of discovering new ideas that can help us both in our daily lives and in how we are able to tackle global challenges. complexes, ”Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president of Google, said.

Google seeks to recover and maintain market share, especially in the commercial space. As more and more users bypass its search engine to directly access platforms.

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It has already lost the top spot to Amazon as more and more people now buy directly from the e-commerce company’s platform. For Apple users, a search can simply be performed by performing a voice command to its AI assistant Siri.

“The consumer will buy where the convenience, the ease of finding products and the availability of products are most satisfactory. Search features that facilitate the best experience will be a draw for consumers – the number of clicks to order fulfillment and return processes will be a factor, ”

Leslie Hand, group vice president at IDC Retail and Financial Insights, said.

“Google and various retailers have markets that compete with Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada, and others around the world.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major shift in consumer preferences and accelerated the digital switchover, with homebound users increasingly turning online for shopping, entertainment and work. A recent PwC survey showed that 44% of consumers buy using a smartphone, with 42% saying they use voice assistants at home.

The revamped search technology, using the company’s image recognition tool, Google Lens, will combine data from text, images and even videos. This would then provide more precise and tailor-made results. Lens has been updated with new AI-powered language features that will further refine searches.

“For example, when you search for ‘short jackets,’ we’ll show you a visual feed of jackets in different colors and styles, along with other useful information such as local stores, style guides, and videos.”

Bill Ready, president of commerce, payments, and the next billion users at Google, said.

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