David Melamed on Search Spam’s long-term research success and can others compete with Google


In the first part of my interview with David Melamed, we talked about his background and the beauty of the search marketing industry. In part two, David Melamed and I then talked about the long-term viability and success of search spam.

David explains that he’s quite creative when it comes to coming up with website ideas for search success. He brought up old local spam strategies that just didn’t work. He said the other day that he got a question about exact match domains. In short, the shortcuts no longer work. You have to be legit and do it right and build a real business.

This pivoted our conversation to the topic of anti-trust issues with Google and how other search engines are just a click away. There are about 20 startup search engines trying to compete with Google. I’m talking about the beginnings of Google and we’re getting into politics a bit.

We also briefly talked about branded search results and the Google Ads policies around them. He is unhappy with how Google handles branded searches and how competitors use it to their advantage. But he doesn’t like that it’s allowed and more so the way Google broad matches on these competitor names.

Then we talked a bit about how easy it was to spam Google and search engines, but these days it’s just not that easy. We talked about some examples and also the concept of test platforms for SEO.

You can read more about David Melamed on his website at davidmelamed.com.

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