This electric motorhome concept with more than 480 km of range offers emission-free pleasure


The Thor electric recreational vehicle has a power management system that allows the owner to check how many miles of range remain in the vehicle

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Jan 24, 2022, 3:55 PM

THOR Vision electric motorhome

As the world moves towards electric mobility, Thor Industries has introduced an all-electric motorhome concept, aiming to make the future of camping emission-free. With its new electric RV, Airstream’s parent company has shown the brand’s commitment to the electric vehicle space.

The Thor Vision Vehicle concept comes with best-in-class single-charge range of 300 miles or over 480 kilometers, more than double the range of the recently introduced RV Winnebago EV of just 125 miles.

The new electric RV is powered by a high capacity battery and an integrated fuel cell.

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The electric recreational vehicle also has a power management system that allows the owner to check how many miles of range remain in the vehicle before needing a recharge. The system also helps find charging stations from the connected phone so campers never worry about being stranded when the charge runs out. The system also gives information about the charge needed to reach the next camping destination.

Interior of the Thor Vision electric motorhome

Interior of the Thor Vision electric motorhome

The Thor Vision Concept is a vehicle for the digital age as it offers an integrated digital cockpit experience with displays replacing all major functions including a virtual cockpit, digital entertainment experience and power management system advanced.

The company claims its new electric RV is the most versatile electric recreational vehicle concept in the world. The RV is equipped with intelligent voice functions that simplify all activities inside the space. The function makes it possible to control and monitor the vehicle and its functions.

The RV comes with all the other interior comfort features typical of most of these vehicles, such as kitchen, beds, toilets, storage compartments, among others. Although the vehicle is still in the concept stage, it shows that the motorhome space is also moving towards the electric and digital future.

Date of first publication: January 24, 2022, 3:55 PM IST


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