Cenit Executes Proof of Concept with CruxOCM for Safer, More Efficient Pipeline Control Center Operations


CruxOCM pipeBOT ™ enables companies to reach target flow rates up to 40% faster

CALGARY, Canada, December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CruxOCM Inc., the pioneer of robotic industrial process automation (RIPA ™) for industrial operations, completed a proof of concept (POC) with CENIT TRANSPORTE Y LOGÍSTICA DE HIDROCARBUROS (Cenit) for an initiative operating a pipeline control center. Using CruxOCM’s flagship pipeBOT ™ product, Cenit was able to create much more efficient and safer control room operations on one of their pipeline systems.

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The number of manual controls required for control room operators to effectively manage pipeline functionality is staggering. CruxOCM’s pipeBOT ™ software solution provides high-value stand-alone start, stop and other operations to assist the pipeline control center operator. With pipeBOT ™, Cenit can reduce manual controls through intelligent automation, reducing fatigue for control room operators and helping them perform more essential next-level functions, all without sacrificing safety.

CruxOCM technology also improves equipment reliability and reduces pressure cycling fatigue. It increases throughput by reaching target rates faster, allowing control rooms to operate with maximum safety, usability and efficiency.

“Fully automating the execution of procedures, checklists and ground rules for control room operators by leveraging our RIPA ™ platform dramatically increases the safety, consistency and efficiency of operations, increasing revenues and reducing emissions, ”said Vicki Knott, CEO of CruxOCM. “You might think you’ve reached the pinnacle of what automation can do for your operations, but the reality is that most industries are still only scratching the surface. CruxOCM is the engine that will drive the control rooms of the future. “

To learn more about CruxOCM, visit www.cruxocm.com.

About Crux OCM:
Crux Operations Control Management Incorporated (CruxOCM Inc.) provides innovative operations control management software that eliminates the complexity and inefficiencies associated with standard control room operations. From maximizing and optimizing throughputs to simplifying critical start-up and shutdown procedures, we help companies achieve radical transformation of their operations and achieve dramatic results that reduce risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability. CruxOCM’s RIPA ™ software platform delivers superior execution of control room operations and a scalable architecture to help our customers stay ahead of rapid change or be the creator of it. For more information visit cruxocm.com.



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