The startup EV U Power will launch a concept car on January 10


U Power is an EV startup created in April 2021 and initial investment was led by Bosh and Horizon Robotics. Recently, we learned that Shanghai U Power Technology Co., Ltd (U Power) will unveil a new concept car called UP SPACE Super Cabin on January 10.

Their main product is a skateboard chassis a platform for electric cars. Same approach with Rivian or VW ID. – they build their electric vehicles on skateboard frames. U Power wants to offer this platform to other car manufacturers. Let’s take a closer look.

The frame of the skateboard integrates the electric motor, four-wheel drive system, battery, steering mechanism and suspension mechanism of this “skateboard”. On this chassis you can build any upper car body you want. The separate development of the upper body and the lower body changes quite a bit the logic of car manufacturing.

This approach can reduce manufacturing costs and shorten the development cycle. Also, since there are no parts such as motors invading the upper body (everything is hidden inside the lower deck), the skateboard frame can reserve more space for the upper cockpit, which is useful.

UP SPACE Super Cabin Concept

The company said its first EV concept model is built on its own UP Super Chassis. During the launch, a dynamic demonstration will also be carried out.

The company is said to currently have no plans to build cars under its own brand, it only wants to be a supplier. Sound familiar?

U Power is uniquely positioning itself as a company committed to building smart EV platforms for other automakers. It seems they don’t offer full contract manufacturing like BAIC-Magna, Foxconn or JAC for example, only rig.

Also, it can build smart electric vehicles for automakers and mobility platforms.

U Power has a registered capital of CNY 19,305 million and was established on February 26, 2021. Its founder is Li Peng, the former director of Great Wall’s high-end electric car brand Saloon.

Last October, U Power announced the completion of a pre-A+ funding round, led by Boyuan Capital, majority-owned by German engineering and technology multinational Bosch. After the Angel financing round and the pre-A financing round, U Power’s valuation is 1 billion yuan.

At the same time, it also partnered with Bosch to further develop smart vehicle card technology, including this super UP chassis.

UP Super Chassis

The UP super chassis developed by U Power has the capabilities of hardware standardization and software platformization. This not only improves the convenience of R&D and manufacturing, but also shortens the vehicle development cycle and reduces manufacturing costs.

It is estimated that the application of UP Super Chassis can shorten the development cycle of a complete vehicle from two years to one year. In addition, it can reduce research and development costs by up to 60%.

Source: Autohome, Ifeng, Power U


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