The 7 Best Online Concept Map Creators For Any Purpose


Concept maps are slowly evolving into an indispensable tool for this generation. Suitable for individuals and teams alike, concept maps help connect the dots, find gaps, and make connections between ideas.

These smart drawing tools not only simplify the process of visually organizing information, but also make graphing ideas an effortless activity.

Here, we’ll take a look at seven of the best concept map makers you can use to create your own.

SmartDraw helps you visualize the ideas you have by organizing and grouping them into local hierarchies.

Its smart formatting, professional design themes, presentation ready nature make it a powerful concept creation tool that you can use for any purpose. With SmartDraw, you can also convert your concept map into a Gantt chart almost instantly.

In addition, it allows easy integration with Microsoft Office and Google Workspaces applications, in addition to easily connecting to Trello. With pre-designed templates, you can convert your brainstorming session into an actionable workbench in no time.

Lucidchart is one of the best concept map makers available online because it is so much more than a concept map maker. It’s a visual workspace complete with advanced data visualization tools and collaboration features that help you drive innovation and ideation.


It is often used by educators and students as the ultimate teaching and learning tool as it helps you create study guides, plan curriculum, and outline writing projects with ease.

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You get full control over the appearance of your concept maps, all thanks to the customizable options available. Even your business ideas will be enhanced with Lucidchart.

You can identify new problems, simplify complex relationships, and promote creative problem solving with concept maps that illustrate ideas quickly and clearly. Plus, there are templates to fall back on and custom options to help you send a personalized message every time.

Being free and easy to use, Visme is a concept map maker that helps you create brilliant concept maps in minutes. Using Visme, you can also collaborate with your team members on a project and come up with big ideas together.

It has a great user-friendly interface that makes brainstorming easy and effortless for everyone. It is ideal for marketers, educators, communicators, and anyone else who wants to convey complex messages using simple ideas and images.

You will find professionally designed templates that you can easily modify to suit your needs, or you can choose to create concept maps from scratch. There are endless ways to share your concept maps with your audience. Visme also supports workspace application integrations.

With Creately, visualizing concepts and their relationships becomes incredibly convenient. Indeed, information can be graphically organized in various forms while collaborating with your peers in real time.

It has a drag and drop interface which makes the whole process a hassle free experience. It also offers customizable concept map templates that can be used to quickly visualize and share information. Moreover, you can draw automatically with Plus Create and choose color themes.

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Plus, you can import images, vectors, and more into your canvas while incorporating documents and references for easy access.

You can publish, present, print, or share your concept maps with teammates, educators, students, and anyone on the planet. With Creately, you’ll always be on the same page with your team members because you can have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas.

a view of the zen mind map

Being the easiest tool for creating concept maps and mind maps, Zen Mind Map helps you create stunning concept maps with just a few clicks or keyboard shortcuts.

It provides a “Zen workspace” for teams and individuals as there are no sidebars and floating icons to distract you from the center of your brainstorming session: your content. You will always find your content in the center.

With a minimal and intuitive interface, Zen Mind Map aims to make the whole process smooth. One unique thing about Zen Mind Map is the way you can style these concept maps with emojis and have limitless fun.

It also makes it easier to upload and share your concept maps. When you publish a document live, all of your changes are updated automatically. There are free templates to help you start imagining quickly and streamline your thoughts effortlessly.

Aiming to increase your productivity, GitMind is a completely free concept map maker that has an extensive gallery of templates and stylish themes to help you unleash your creativity.

While the interface may take some getting used to, its features make it a smart concept map maker. You can save and sync your concept maps across devices in addition to personalizing them with images, icons, and colors.

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Structuring your complex thoughts and their relationships becomes easy, and you can share your ideas with anyone, anytime.

Plus, real-time team collaboration features make it a good choice for large teams who want to work, imagine, and innovate on the go.

The key to successful implementation or execution of a project is to have a good overview. To do this, you need to link the key concepts and bring an integrated structure to the information. Miro’s Concept Map Maker lets you do just that.

It facilitates visual collaboration between teams and is trusted by 25 million users. Miro offers concept map templates that help you create stunning concept maps for business and personal reasons.

Besides being a concept map maker, he helps you run visual project management, run interactive workshops, and do Agile planning anytime, anywhere.

Better imagine and innovate with concept maps

When you use well-structured concept maps for your projects, you end up unleashing a new level of creativity while generating cutting-edge ideas. Generating new ideas is never easy.

With the right concept map maker, you can organize all the important information graphically. You can also view it to contribute to a better understanding of yourself and other team members.

A visual display of an example mind map for customer management

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