XCELL Fuel Cell Concept Motorcycle with User Defined Riding Posture Break Coverage


Two-wheeled vehicles are changing and evolving perhaps faster than ever before, with ambitious startups around the world ready to shake things up with disruptive designs and technologies. One of those companies is XIDEA, a Chinese brand that recently unveiled its latest motorcycle concept.

XIDEA is one of the many startups created by former employees of large companies in the automotive industry who want to take a different approach and use their experience and knowledge to create something truly innovative. Founded in 2009 by specialists from the Honda Research Institute and other large companies, this motorcycle manufacturer prides itself on having 80% of its staff directly involved in the design process.

The company’s latest motorcycle concept was showcased at the 19th China International Motorcycle Show, which was held in Chongqing last month. Called XCELL, this two-wheeler benefits from two major innovations: it is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and allows the driving position to be adjusted at any time.

According to XIDEA, the future XCELL will be equipped with four hydrogen storage tanks at the front, and it will feature “electronic directional control”To adjust the handlebars, pedals and cushions. The rider and his motorcycle could become one, metaphorically speaking, because at any time they can shift to a more comfortable position, quickly and easily.

In addition, XCELL will also be equipped with a “intelligent active safety system”, Designed to widen the rider’s field of vision, predict blind spots and alert potential obstacles from the start, depending on road conditions.

Luke Lu, head of design for XIDEA, said a motorcycle’s chassis and suspension should act as extensions of the rider and should be “soft and strong as bone. “

The company hasn’t revealed more details about the hydrogen fuel cell propulsion and storage tanks, but XCELL is one of the projects XIDEA intends to develop in the coming years.


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