Tesla’s Custom V11 UI Concept Shows How To Address One Of Drivers’ Biggest Complaints


When Tesla’s V11 software was released, many EV owners were quick to notice that while the new features that came with the update were great, the new system interface left a lot to be desired. Eventually, even CEO Elon Musk noted on Twitter that Tesla has received customer feedback and improvements are being made to the V11 user interface.

Among Tesla owners’ biggest complaints about the V11 user interface was the fact that key vehicle functions and information such as heated seats and trip information are now hidden behind menus, instead of instead of being directly accessible from the screen with a single click. With this in mind, Tesla enthusiast and interface designer @deleetdesign created a mockup of what the improved V11 UI might look like.

A video of the design team’s custom Tesla V11 UI has been shared online, and we have to admit, it looks pretty good. In the customized V11 user interface concept, useful feature icons can be dragged into the lower taskbar, allowing drivers to quickly access functions that would likely be used on the road. Needless to say, the fan-created V11 UI concept video has garnered positive feedback from members of the Tesla community online.

The custom V11 UI created by the Tesla enthusiast shows that the EV maker could really squeeze some optimizations into its latest software without too much difficulty. This shows, if anything, that the V11 UI could work just fine, with only a few slight usability-focused optimizations. Once that’s done, the V11 UI might earn its designation as one of Tesla’s most polarizing UI updates to date.

Tesla’s V11 user interface and the reaction of Tesla owners echoes some of the problems Apple faced when it retired its beloved user interface from iOS 6 in favor of iOS 7. ‘Apple hated the user interface of iOS 7, and some even claimed that the transitions in the system made them sick. However, with bug fixes and incremental improvements, iOS 7 has been improved and its new look and interface has finally been well received by Apple mobile users. With more driver-friendly optimizations, perhaps Tesla’s V11 user interface could also follow a similar path.

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Tesla’s Custom V11 UI Concept Shows How To Address One Of Drivers’ Biggest Complaints


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