Audi’s latest concept car gives us a glimpse of the future


The dictionary definition of the car has not changed over the past 100 years. It is still a “multi-track motor vehicle used for the transport of people or goods”. And if you ask kids to draw a car, nine out of 10 times they’ll draw a small box on top of another small box, two circles in the front and two in the back, and it’s universally recognizable. . The basic question, “What is a car?” is only childish at first glance, however. Consider it again and this question has never been more complex or tricky to answer than it is today.

One thing is clear; in the age of electric cars, automated driving and the realization that we must be more respectful of our climate, the automotive industry must reinvent itself. Audi is very aware of this need for change. The brand wants to create the world of tomorrow – with cutting-edge technology, passionate creativity, new thought-provoking innovations and the unstoppable drive to produce a form of mobility suitable for today as a philosophy.


The proof? The Audi skysphere concept – an impressive car with an electric motor, a luxurious interior and a fully digital ecosystem. Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand at Audi, even goes so far as to no longer call it a car. He prefers the term ‘experience device’ and says: ‘in the future, it will not just be about driving, it will be about the experience that passengers and users have on their journey. . ”

This is shaping up to be a total change, not only in terms of navigation from A to B, but also in terms of our understanding of luxury. The Audi skysphere concept means that we will have the freedom to choose to be driven independently or to drive the car manually. Both driving experiences are made possible by an innovation that looks like something out of science fiction: Audi’s adaptive wheelbase.

In the future, it won’t just be about driving, it will be the experience passengers have

This means that the car can be lengthened or shortened by 25 cm with the push of a button. You see, it’s not just about the fun of driving anymore; Audi wants the skysphere concept to be a first-class entertainment venue for relaxation, connection and communication. The steering wheel and pedals can rotate fully and disappear out of sight to create space for the latest interior, inspired in many ways by the Art Deco era. The interior of the vehicle also features opulent eucalyptus wood and a synthetic leather substitute.

audi skysphere car


The autonomous car – if you want to call it that – is more than just smart technology, it has the power to change everything: the way we think, our society and our values. It has the ability to change the world from the driver’s perspective, delivering an experience that appeals to all of the senses. This future freedom will be the new luxury.

Wenders sees this as a game changer, and he’s not afraid of it. The Audi team showed us what is possible with the skysphere concept and Wenders is certainly convinced: “The future is full of possibilities. We just have to see it as an opportunity.

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The vehicle shown here is a concept car that is not available for purchase.

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