SAIC Motor Expo Dubai’s “Kun” concept car unveiled


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates / PRNewswire / – Today, SAIC Motor’s new autonomous concept car “Kun” – Star Exhibits of China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, was virtually unveiled at the Expo Museum Shanghai Universal.

Dubai Expo will officially open on October 1; SAIC Motor’s latest “Kun” concept car will be the most dazzling exhibits with China Beidou satellite and Chinese high-speed railway, demonstrating the powerful innovative force and unique technological charm of manufacturing. high-end from China to the world. At the same time, SAIC Motor’s own brands, MG and MAXUS, will provide the latest models as official vehicles designated for the Chinese pavilion during the Expo.

The World Expo, with a long history of more than 160 years, is known as “the Olympic event in economic, technological and cultural circles” and has become a global stage for displaying new concepts, new ideas and new ideas. technologies. “It all started with the Universal Exhibition. Trains, lights, telephones, planes, highways and other technologies and concepts that were first launched at the World’s Fair have gradually entered into the daily life of people and have strongly promoted the continuous progress of human society.

At Expo 2010 in Shanghai, SAIC Motor built an automotive company pavilion, portraying a desirable image of “Direct to 2030” with zero emissions, zero traffic accidents, avoid oil addiction and traffic jams.

At Expo 2020 Dubai, SAIC Motor will showcase the “Kun” concept jointly created by forward-thinking design teams from Shanghai and London. Citing the legend of “leviathan” in Zhuangzi’s Carefree Soaring, inspired by “the world and China, the mountain and the sea”, the concept “Kun” incorporates bio-intelligence interaction, photosynthetic energy, seat in Weightlessness, the interplay of holographic images and advanced autonomous driving technologies, presents a beautiful picture of intelligent mobility that is not limited by space in the future and the merging of human and automotive environments. It will bring a unique experience of “a look at technology, a look at the future and a look at China” to the global audience of the Expo.

A “green and smart” Chinese brand image

SAIC Motor represents the Chinese automotive industry and actively establishes an innovative “green and smart” image at Expo Dubai. SAIC Motor has established a global automotive industry chain including R&D, marketing, logistics, parts, manufacturing, finance, used cars, etc. Its products and services are welcomed in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

Leveraging the benefits of innovative technologies such as new energy vehicles and smart grids, SAIC Motor is actively creating differentiated international competitiveness. From January to August this year, sales in overseas markets exceeded 370,000 units, with an increase of 106.4% year-on-year, ranking first in overseas sales of Chinese automakers. Among them, the MG brand reached 182,000 units with an increase of 83.9% year-on-year. MG sales in developed countries accounted for nearly 40% and won the “China Single Brand Overseas Sales Champion”. Sales of own-brand NEVs in developed European countries reached nearly 19,000, an increase of 133% year-on-year, ranking number one in vehicle segments in countries like UK, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. At the same time, the “i-Smart” intelligent networking system has been popular among consumers in Thailand, India, Indonesia and other countries. It has been used on over 30 models overseas and has activated over 130,000 users.



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