Nissan Chill-Out Concept Could Be The Next Leaf


No big news when it comes to hearing from automakers poised to switch to electric fleets by 2030, some of which are Volkswagen, Volvo and more recently Nissan. As part of Nissan’s Ambition 2030 strategy, the automaker this week unveiled four distinct concepts, including two crossovers, a convertible and a small pickup truck. The truth is, sales of electric vehicles are skyrocketing with Rivian being the only exception, but it has always been IPO more than Ford and GM put together without selling a car yet. It just shows the value of the electric vehicle market.

Returning to Nissan, the four released concepts provided a lot of futuristic design cues, including the Chill-Out concept that Nissan will place under the Ariya, and it will most likely be the next-gen Leaf. Very similar in shape to the Ariya, the Chill-Out concept seems to be aimed at the masses, and we might see it going into production very soon.

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Leaf to move from sedan to crossover

Nissan Leaf _lead
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The Nissan Leaf has served as an entry-level model for many over the past few years in the hatchback trend, but things have changed. As of 2021, crossovers make up a big chunk of EV sales and it looks like Nissan doesn’t want to run out of them. The main goal of Nissan Ambition 2030 is to be a common leader in electric vehicle sales around the world, and the paper statistics seem to be worth it for Nissan. The swoopy lines add to a slightly smaller Ariya, leaving a ton of rumors that the Chill-Out Concept could be Leaf’s next generation. In fact, Nissan had already announced months before that the Leaf would be a crossover by 2025.

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A closer look at the concept of relaxation


The Chill-Out Concept featured a two-tone color that separates the greenhouse from the rest of the bodywork – and to mention here the glass roof that extends to the trunk. The rear receives brake lights with 5 locations, which are not exactly separate but as a whole. Nissan is keeping things futuristic as the rest of the unveiled concept cars show where the taillights could turn their pixel shape into different symbols – we’ll see if that happens in production.


Up front of the new Chill-Out Concept, there are smart LED headlights – aggressively shaped while wearing a thin LED strip on top and the Nissan logo right in front. As seen in the photos, the side view of the new Chill-Out Concept is what most people would imagine when asked what a Crossover should look like, with smooth lines that seem to drag the old “Leaf. “.


According to concept images, the new Chill-Out is likely to offer some interesting quirks as well. Tesla’s are well known for letting their drivers watch movies, play games, or display simple messages while charging, and the new Chill-Out concept seems to deliver the same. Not only that, but as the pictures show, the Chill-Out can provide some serious lounging space – allowing two adults to kick back and enjoy a movie.

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Chill-Out uses the CMF-EV and e-4ORCE platform

New CMF-EV platform and its potential

CMF is the family of common modules for electric vehicles of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi partnership. The “e” in e-4ORCE stands for Nissan’s all-electric drive system. That said, adopting the CMF platform will allow all-electric vehicles to insert their electric batteries differently, making production a headache for the Nissan-Renault partnership.

The term “4ORCE” (pronounced force) refers to the physical power and energy of the vehicle, with the number “4” representing full control. These, in combination, deliver high levels of comfort and control and best-in-class range, as seen in the Nissan Ariya, which estimated 300 miles on a single charge.

This platform also allows a single pedal system with regenerative braking to be standard on all vehicles carrying these platforms, one being the Chill-Out concept. This power platform distributes power 50:50 by default, but it can switch to front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive depending on the driving dynamics. Significant improvements can also be seen on wet, icy and slippery surfaces, reducing wheel slip and increasing grip.

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A final approach to the concept of relaxation


As Nissan executives mentioned during their first presentation, all four concept cars will go into production earlier than the rest of the electric fleet announced by Nissan. All four are targeting different buyers, and we might see Nissan at the center of budget EV sales sooner than we expected. The Ariya is said to be priced around $ 47,000 in 2022. Given that the Chill-Out is rated a notch below the Ariya, we can expect it to be the same (or hopefully priced). the, even less), making the Chill-Out the budget-entry EV crossover. many years to come.


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