How CoFynd evolved as an ace co-working and co-living research platform


Co-working or co-living spaces with all modern amenities are a booming concept in India. Millennials are more than eager to embrace it wholeheartedly for many obvious reasons such as cost efficiency, hassle-free operation, and better time management in coworking spaces, while ensuring safety and social connection in them. co-living spaces.

Atul Gupta, the founder of CoFynd, a space discovery platform for finding such places, says that “there is a huge shift in mindsets. Young active people looking for work and living spaces offering facilities coupled with freedom and flexibility. They know how and where to cut costs without compromising on quality. They warmly welcomed the concepts of co-working and co-living spaces. The mindset is shifting from ownership to the sharing economy.

However, finding such locations was not an easy task, due to the lack of proper communication channels between end users and service providers. In 2017, he noticed that many young Indian professionals in large numbers are looking for such spaces but do not know how to get the perfect space that fits their needs. Students and professionals moving from one city to another wanted to reserve such spaces before arriving in the new cities.

He launched CoFynd, a space discovery platform to find coworking and co-living spaces, with technology partner T9L. CoFynd started with the co-working spaces in 3 metropolitan cities, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, in 2019 and now they are in 28 Indian cities. The idea was to save time and money for people looking for such places. They have developed a website that not only shows photos of these spaces, but also helps you easily compare the price, amenities, and metro connectivity of spaces from your home or office so viewers can decide with the help from a few. clicks. Anita, one of the users, says: “It is such a relief that we can find it in the comfort of our home. I am a student, when I moved to Mumbai, finding a suitable cohabitation space seemed so difficult to me. But thanks to technology, navigation platforms for such spaces exist.

CoFynd received a good response from end users as well as the service provider. Satyendra Jain, who owns a co-living space, informs “when we created this space, I was worried about advertising and promotions, but I’m happy that such a marketing platform exists. “

Atul says: “Whether it’s coworking spaces or co-living spaces, we provide flexibility and modern amenities for everyone. The response has been overwhelming from both associated parties, so we quickly expanded to 13 cities in 2020, and now in 2021, we provide service in 28 cities in India.

CoFynd has over 25,000 spaces available in 28 cities and over 700 locations. The demand for such spaces is increasing every year to come, with currently 2 million people working in co-working spaces and 2.26 million people living in co-living spaces. Atul says: “The trend is here to stay. With population growth, shrinking space and the high cost of coworking and coliving spaces are going to be the irreplaceable choice. We aim to expand the network as much as possible and keep working to improve our services so that CoFynd becomes the first thought when anyone thinks of a co-working or co-living space.

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Posted on: Friday December 24, 2021 4:28 PM IST


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