This futuristic concept truck is touted as a “home away from home”


A Chinese automaker has launched a new truck concept that they say will soon be truckers’ “home away from home”.

The futuristic, hybrid and autonomous concept platform is called “Homtruck” and was recently presented in Shanghai.

According to the press release, the concept truck is “based on a careful analysis of the working conditions and the driver’s route, Farizon Auto has designed a cockpit that applies the concept of a house and optimizes the space to create a space of conduct and life. The design includes a full bathroom with a shower and toilet, a single bed, a fridge, a teapot, a kitchen and even a small washing machine. Ergonomic seat design and high-definition camera help ensure drivers are well rested and focused, while a smart AI assistant paired with full 360-degree cameras help keep the driver up to date with any issues. around the moving vehicle or during Stationary. “

While the concept looks exciting, the images of the interior are renderings only, and the aforementioned kitchen is only accessible if the driver exits the cabin – a potential inconvenience. Plus, the trailer appears to be tailor-made for better aerodynamics, which might prove impractical in the real world.

Still, this thing is pretty fun to watch. Find out below.


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