Chrome changed the image search engine to Google Lens, so you can turn it off to leave it as before


Google passed it on to us. It puts us in the Chrome browser without warning and without allowing us to choose any of its tools, so that we get used to its use. This is how it is deactivated.

It’s common for tech giants to offer free products, functions or tools that we do not need have infiltrated us without occurring to us, or that they are less useful than what we had before.

Windows 11 users are suffering bitterly, with the infamous new taskbar, among others. And now the same is happening with the Chrome browser.

Google replaced the Chrome image search engine, efficient and direct, by Google Lens, without coming to mind and without improving anything, on the contrary. Let’s see how we can turn it off.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Google Lens, Google’s augmented reality app.

It should be noted that Google Lens is a great tool for translating photos and posters, to find related content, to find things in a photo, and more.

Corn not a pure photo finder, and it’s much less efficient and straightforward than Google’s image search engine.

Before, when you saw a photo on a website, if you clicked the right mouse button, the Find image in Google option would appear.

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This command did just that: it would search for that image and it would show you the websites where it appears, the versions with a higher size or quality, the original source, etc. That is to say, what you ask an image search engine.

But in the latest version of Chrome the image browser has disappeared, and you can now only use image search with Google Lens:

The problem is that Google Lens is not a pure image search engine, and what that shows you is not, well, more pictures like that, but Websites that have the image, websites that contain elements that appear in the image, similar images, more photos of the same website, etc.

But we are looking for the same image!

Of course, there are times when you may be interested in looking for similar images or something in the photo. But the problem is still the same: Why are they imposing tools on us and not letting us choose?

In Chrome’s menus, a Google Image Search and another Find Images in Google Lens command fit right in, and everyone’s happy. But no.

How to turn off Google Lens

Would you prefer to use Chrome’s image search instead of Google Lens??

The easiest way to do this is to search with Google Lens, scroll to the bottom of the results, and the Try Again with Google Images button will appear:

Yes even then you don’t want to have to forcibly use Google Lens, from Business Insider, they give us a trick to deactivate it.

You just have to write in the box where the address of the web pages appears, this:

chrome: // flags

In the search engine that appears, type Search on your screen with Google Lens. In the option that appears on the screen, simply display the panel, choose the Disabled option and then click Relaunch to restart the browser and apply the changes:

From now on, you’ll see the old, efficient and simple Google image search engine instead of Google Lens.

As you can see, it’s very easy to apply… until Google wants…


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