Buick Smart Pod Concept Delivers World Class Luxury Comfort


Buick unveiled a forward-looking concept vehicle – the Smart Pod – at Auto Guangzhou 2021, this year’s major auto industry event in southern China. The concept vehicle offers a combination of modern aesthetics, technological innovation and an immersive intelligent experience.

The Smart Pod is a fully autonomous electric vehicle built on the revolutionary Ultium platform and VIP electric architecture. It takes advantage of autonomous driving technology and GM’s Ultium to project a safe, comfortable and intelligent experience for work and relaxation while commuting.

It inspires with its unique proportions, offering comfort and plenty of space. The Smart Pod’s sleek exterior incorporates micro-LED lighting technology, and its dynamic wake-up light animation and sliding door greet passengers as they approach.

The ventilated roof of the Smart Pod and the innovative glass mesh maximizes visibility. Credit: Buick

Inside, the Smart Pod’s ventilated roof and innovative glass lattice maximizes visibility, creating a sense of connection with nature. In addition, it offers innovative sleep seat, multi-variable seating arrangement, extendable tables, improved noise reduction technology, ambient sound management system, air purification system.

Featuring a retractable 50-inch LED Retina display, the next-generation virtual cockpit system delivers a highly intuitive AI-based experience for in-car virtual assistance and seamless connectivity to the outside world. With intelligent voice control and advanced eye tracking technology, the smart cabin supports enhanced navigation and real-time integration with personal devices and serves as a remote office.

The multi-variable seating arrangement further facilitates networking and rest.
The multi-variable seating arrangement further facilitates networking and rest. Credit: Buick

Its artificial intelligence and machine learning capability allows the autonomous vehicle to adapt to the user, making personalized suggestions for a variety of functions – from infotainment and comfort to vehicle operation. With a full range of sensors, it integrates a suite of security features to ensure a safe, smart and relaxed personal mobility experience.

“The Smart Pod is a daring concept that harnesses the full potential of cutting-edge technologies in electrification, automated driving and digital connectivity, delivered in a warm, tactile and luxurious way.” said Stuart Norris, vice president of design for GM China and GM International.


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