A spooky new ‘face search engine’ lets you find any picture of yourself on the internet


A face search engine called PimEyes has caused shockwaves across the internet because it allows anyone to find photos of themselves online using a single selfie.

For £23 a month, users can perform “deep searches” of their selfies. The app uses artificial intelligence “machine vision” to scan the entire internet for faces that match yours, including some you may not have seen before.

A New York Times investigation unearthed photographs of its reporters they had never seen before, including wedding photos, parties and even marriage proposals.

The tool can be used for free to discover a few photos, mostly from Google image search. However, the paid version of the site can do much more than that.

PimEyes uses facial recognition to identify people online

“With PimEyes, you can check which websites on the open web have posted photos containing a given face. You can use this information to track down images that have been posted without your consent and defend against scamming, catfishing or identity theft,” the app’s website explains.

It is also possible to be removed from the tool by using an opt-out form. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself, then fill out the form and many of your photos will be removed from the database.

The tool has no limit on people searching for images of individuals who are not them
The tool has no limit on people searching for images of individuals who are not them

PimEyes’ machine vision AI is said to be so accurate that it can identify people wearing sunglasses or face coverings and then find photos of them online.

The app has raised major privacy concerns because it allegedly has “no controls” that would prevent someone from searching for a face that isn’t their own.

The tool is even used by some users to find explicit photos of their Facebook friends online, identify pornographic actors or stalk people.

Company owner Giorgi Gobronidze, 34, said he sees the app as a tool for good by helping people keep tabs on their online reputation.

You can try PimEyes for free


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