This modular wall storage concept is perfect for small homes


Thanks to the power of magnets, a blank wall can become a safe haven for all your things if you’re already running out of places to put them.

The price of housing and living space has risen dramatically over the past few decades, causing people to settle for cramped quarters. Conversely, the renewed interest in tiny homes has also spurred creative thinking in new storage solutions with minimal clutter. In both cases, traditional products like containers and cabinets are not enough. Luckily, a few new designs have started popping up lately, including one that lets you use the wall for something more functional and less decorative but still aesthetically pleasing.

Designate: Francesco Brunetti

Typical containers store items in a messy way that could damage those items, while cabinets don’t provide quick access or visibility to the things they hide inside. More importantly, these solutions often occupy already insufficient floor space in small homes, even T1 or T2. That’s why some have seen unconventional spaces like stairs and walls as the next frontier of storage solutions, but few offer the same flexibility as shelves and drawers.

This is where Brunetti’s Wall-it concept comes in, a storage solution that can also be a decorative wall piece. Rather than limiting what you can hang on your wall to manufacturer specifications, Wall-it lets homeowners decide where and how to hang different types of items. This modular capability is due to the power of strong magnets that not only let you decide which containers to attach, but also which cards to use.



This is also where the aesthetic and decorative aspect of Wall-it comes in. The concept can accommodate more than a dozen different accessories that can be used for different types of objects, such as a hook for headphones and a box for smartphones. Users can mix and match not only the types of containers themselves, but also the colors of the board and accessories. You can choose to match their colors with the rest of the room or make them visually pop with different hues.

There is also a sustainable element to Wall-it, thanks to the materials that have been chosen for this concept. Bio-based PLA thermoplastic is significantly more recyclable than regular plastic, and the epoxy used to join the magnets to the PLA can be dissolved by acidic solutions. Wall-it therefore presents a family of storage solutions that not only save space but also preserve the environment in the long term.


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