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“Education is one of the most basic commodities for humans, allowing them to grow through knowledge and explore the Universe.”

March 15: Parents struggle to choose the best school for their children because counselors are unqualified and there are no real-time metrics on what functionality is required for each child. Skoodos is here to share the right features and the right way to search, compare and select the school for your child.

Skoodos, an all-in-one school search aggregator, allows parents to select preferred schools based on ratings, comparisons, and reviews. The number one search engine that helps parents find their children’s school.

Skoodos simplifies admissions procedures and provides parents and students with a stress-free experience on the go. It is the best platform to bridge the gap between schools and students, allowing top institutions to reach the right candidates and vice versa.

There are several schools and no single platform has been able to help parents through the tedious process of choosing the best school for their children. Skoodos also emphasizes the range of needs that most parents overlook when choosing the best school for their children.

An online platform that can list schools that boost parents’ choice for the best school for their child while ensuring that all registered schools have the opportunity to present themselves equally.

Skoodos goes one step further, said Dr. Siya Seth, Founder and CEO of Skoodos: “One platform gives parents thousands of options to help their kids sit at home and decide which organization is right for them. . Our marketing strategy has allowed us to reach heights and connect with different parts of the country. We are happy to be able to bridge the gap and support it with the best organizations available. “

With the rapid development of new technologies such as industrial robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the economy is betting on digitization. Therefore, startups and other giants sometimes need to upgrade their technology. Skoodos also offers 360 degree marketing solutions for schools to succeed in crowded markets.

This website simplifies the process of comparing institutions by providing comprehensive information that allows users to choose the best option from a wide range of choices. Parents can filter schools based on amenities, distance, affiliation, course structure, and other factors to find the best one for their child. Schools can now register with Skoodos by submitting information to [email protected]

Shruti Verma (Co-Founder), Skoodos said, “Working parents can now sit down and find the best institutions for their children at Skoodos, an all-in-one school search aggregator. She also added that the app has helped many people connect with their favorite schools and choose the perfect career path for them. We help parents connect emotionally through our service. Our marketing methods have taken us to new heights, allowing us to expand across the country.

Skoodos believes in finding the right educational institution for young people by making it easy for them. It’s a good time to take action, research and make the best decisions for your child. With Skoodos, you can find the best school in your desired community or region.

To learn more, visit the website: or download the app now. Also, stay informed and participate in the contest that Skodos organizes every month on its @Skoodos social media handles. It’s time to search for schools with Skoodos.

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