Search with a goal: how our choice of search engine can help you


The evolution of the search experience has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and the way people find information continues to change as well.

Search has become more than just a destination that people visit in a browser – it’s built into everyday life.

Since the launch of Windows 11, research has become even more important in the PC experience. This simplifies the ability to search without needing to launch a browser or click on another website.

There are many reasons people choose their own search experience – whether out of habit, default, or simply ignoring other options available to consumers.

There are even search engines created here in Australia that allow you to remove plastic from the ocean or plant trees to be more sustainable.

What has been found is that consumers want choice, they want products and services that create value with efficiency and ease.

Having a choice of search engines and how to give back to the world

Awareness of the variety of different search engines has increased this year since the start of 2021.

During the last Microsoft Search, it was found that 85% of consumers say they will only consider a brand if they trust the brand, and 88% want brands to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

This should apply not only to the brands that consumers buy from, but also to the companies they choose to support with products – even search engines.

Search with a purpose

Search engines provide more than just “results”, helping us get from point A to point B. The last 10 years have seen the emergence of unique, value-based search engines.

There are different reasons people choose the search engine of their choice, whether it’s to give back to communities, to charities, to receive gift cards, or to be more sustainable.

The value you can receive from a search engine can align with your personal values, while respecting the enormous importance of privacy and trust with data. For example, here are three reasons why you might try a different search engine:

  1. Microsoft Bing – “Research that Gives Back”: You can research, earn points and donate to over 1 million charities around the world, including over 2,100 in Australia. This includes nonprofits like Mission Australia, The Nelune Foundation, and Indigitek, which help indigenous peoples pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Since launch, Donate with Bing donated over $ 13 million[i] to incredible non-profit organizations at no cost to the consumer.
  2. DuckDuckGo – “Privacy Search”: Internet privacy is essential, and this search engine allows you to take control of your personal information online seamlessly, without any compromise. In 2021 alone, DuckDuckGo won over $ 1 million[ii] in donations to privacy and competition organizations around the world.
  3. Ecosia – ‘Sustainable Research ”: The importance of sustainability from both a consumer and a business perspective remains extremely high on almost every business priority list. This search engine helps plant trees in over 30 countries with local organizations including Australia where 67,000 trees[iii] have been planted since the bushfires that raged in early 2020. Worldwide at the time of writing, more than 137 million trees[iv] have been planted all over the world.

As marketers, it is often difficult to keep abreast of the many choices consumers use, and for agencies and brands the challenge has been to reach them.

Microsoft has simplified that reach by expanding its search network, which means brands can run targeted campaigns in Microsoft Ads, while reaching consumers on more than seven search engines.

The Evolution of the Enterprise Search Experience: Increasing Employee Productivity

The modern workplace is very different from what it was 10 years ago. More and more people are working outside the office and using a myriad of devices and tools to do their jobs.

No matter where people work or what type of device they use, they need to be able to quickly and easily find the information that will help them be more productive.

When you need to find something to work on, what do you do? If you’re like a lot of people, you scour your personal files or your business intranet to find what you need.

If you don’t know enough about the document you need, or if you don’t remember it enough, your research experience can be difficult and time-consuming. Rather, the time you spend on research could be used to complete your current task.

Research shouldn’t hold you back, but rather propel us forward to get more done in less time. The good news is that the need for a smarter search experience has been recognized by many solution providers.

Now it’s up to you to find the solution that’s right for you. The ideal solution will make your search experience ubiquitous in all the applications you use, keep you in your workflow, and leverage knowledge that already exists within your organization.

Microsoft Search increases your productivity and saves you time to find the information you need. Microsoft Search lets you search all of your business content on Microsoft 365 and more with a consistent experience across all Microsoft entry points so you can search wherever you are, delivering more relevant results and personalized in a secure and reliable environment for businesses.

The Evolution of the Brand’s Advertising Experience: Industry-Based Experiences

The ad search experience has evolved over the years. In what started as “10 Blue Links,” Microsoft Advertising is now delivering more unique, rich, and visual experiences to help brands capture attention in new and innovative ways.

New experiences include the introduction to search engine results showing multimedia ads and video ads in the results, as well as industry-specific experiences such as car ads, hotel ads, and car ads. credit cards.

Each experience helps marketers reach potential customers, while delivering new experiences that customers are used to before, all the way down the funnel.

Leveraging these new experiences can help expand brand awareness, grab attention within the search experience, and drive consumers to your site.

Search experiences have gone beyond a link list, to a world of search results that seamlessly combine information in an intuitive and engaging way.

With more people online than ever before, search continues to play a pivotal role in helping people find what they need, and it’s important for trusted search partners to connect brands with people at home. intersection of work and life.

Consumers have a choice, and aligning with your values ​​means you can continue to find what you need while giving back to those who need it or the environment.

While marketers focus on developing great customer experiences, search engine experiences are no different.

For brands looking to reach Australians through the search network of alternative search engines, you can find more information at

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  • Adam goodman, head of the national agency (AUNZ), Microsoft Advertising
  • Renée stops, Sales and Partner Director (APAC), Microsoft Advertising


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