Poppy Playtime fan concept gives the 1006 experience a Disney touch


Poppy Playtime’s Experiment 1006 received a terrifying appearance thanks to a fan who was inspired by classic Disney “rubber hose” designs.

A creative fan of poppy play time took inspiration from classic Disney designs to give the mysterious Experiment 1006 a terrifying appearance. Originally mentioned in Chapter 1the game’s apparent villain made his first appearance in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 like a clawed metal hand retrieving Mommy Long Legs’ body.

According to tapes found in Playtime Co., Experiment 1006, otherwise known as The Prototype, is extremely intelligent and not too happy to be kept locked up by the resident scientists. He has demonstrated the ability to create technology to facilitate escape attempts and is presumably able to incorporate new technologies and parts into his own body; hence the terror of mom long leg at the end of Chapter 2 in the face of his impending demise. So far, all that has been seen of The Prototype is one hand and one arm, which has led to much speculation as to what the living toy might look like. Considering the many poppy play time enemies based on real toys, The Prototype may prove quite familiar.


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Reddit user HAREM-HERO took advantage of the unknown to present his own fan art concept of what poppy play time‘s The Prototype might look like. Drawing inspiration from classic Disney character designs like Goofy and Oswald the Rabbit, the fan art rendition depicts a terrifying monster with an unnaturally large mouth, long, rolling tongue, and large patches of missing fur exposing bone inside. below. While the grotesque head is clearly the centerpiece of the image, the unnatural body shape visible in the background is equally disturbing. It seems to consist mostly of an overly long spine, with the legs that may be out of sight. It’s well known that Playtime Co. made their toys out of humans at this point, but whatever experience led to the creation of The Prototype seems to have pushed the limits of the human skeleton to the limit. breaking point.

Poppy Playtime Disney Experiment 1006 Fan Art

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The classic style of animation design that clearly inspired this poppy play time The image, used for characters like Mickey Mouse, is known as rubber hose animation. This is because the character’s limbs are drawn as simple lines or tubes, like pipes, instead of more detailed, articulated arms and legs. The family aesthetic is particularly shocking when juxtaposed with horror. This has made it an effective part of games like Bendy and the Ink Machine and Cuphead, whose design was heavily influenced by the animation of the rubber pipes. While a far cry from the classic toys that have inspired many of the Playtime Co.’s creations, the rubber hose animation nonetheless recalls a similar ancient aesthetic, making it a great choice for HAREM-HERO to draw inspiration from.

A mysterious figure without a canonical appearance at the moment is always an attractive prospect for fan artists. consider what poppy play timeExperiment 1006 can feel like an exercise in pure creativity and can produce brilliant results. HAREM-HERO’s artwork is a perfect example of this, incorporating every known detail about Playtime Co.’s new enemy and using them to create something uniquely horrifying. Lots of toys in poppy play time are intentionally cute, leading to fan art that plays off that aesthetic. HAREM-HERO went in the opposite direction to great effect, using classic design ideas to accentuate the nightmarish truth.

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Source: HAREM-HERO/Reddit

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