Google Year In Search 2021: The most searched foods and why they’re trending this year


Google released its annual “The Year in Search” report, an in-depth look at this year’s search trends. In 2021, Google searches were focused on “healing”; after a long year of weathering the COVID-19 pandemic and overcoming challenges on many fronts. In terms of food, too, we have seen some interesting trends on Google. Among the top trending lists in the Year In Search report, we saw curiosity around quirky and viral dishes like feta pasta and more. These listings, according to Google, are based on search terms that had the highest peak this year compared to the previous year.

The world’s most popular foods on Google in 2021

Last year, recipes like Dalgona Coffee and Banana Bread were among the top searches on Google. This year, these simple and heartwarming recipes have been replaced with interesting and unique recipes. The most searched dish on Google in 2021, in the world, is Birria Tacos. Indonesian fried rice, Nasi Goreng came second on the list. The single Feta Pasta followed in third place.

Comforting recipes such as oatmeal, potato soup, and overnight oatmeal were also among the top ten recipes. Interestingly, three Japanese dishes were also in the top 10 trending recipes globally – Shogayaki, Teriyaki Amberjack, and Tonjiru.

Here are the 10 trending foods globally on Google in 2021:

1) Tacos Birria – These fried taco shells are dipped in a meat stew and have been tried by many bloggers and foodies online.

2) Nasi goreng – The One-Pot Meal was an easy way to clean up leftovers from the fridge by pairing them with rice.

3) Feta pasta – The simplicity and ease of cooking of this pasta with tomatoes, olive oil and feta has made it a must-have for 2021.

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Google Year In Search 2021: Feta pasta has become a popular recipe this year.

4) Charcuterie Board – These took a long time due to their aesthetic appeal and intriguing concept of combining different textures.

5) Shogayaki – Pork is marinated in ginger in this delicious Japanese recipe that has taken social media by storm.

6) Potato soup – This hearty delight was a comfort food for millions of people around the world.

seven) Yellowtail Teriyaki – Another Japanese recipe in which the fish is cooked in a Teriyaki-style marinade.

8) Tonjiru – Comforting Soup was featured in the Japanese series “Midnight Diner” and has become extremely popular.

9) Baked oats – Whether for dessert or for breakfast, oatmeal was definitely one of the big trends of 2021.

ten) Night oats – When it comes to quick breakfasts, oatmeal tops the list of foodies the world over.

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Google Year In Search 2021: Baked oats and overnight oats have become very popular.

Best Foods in India and Related Research Trends in 2021

As India battled a devastating second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, research into food delivery and tiffin services was at an all time high. The terms “Food Delivery Nearby,” “Tiffin Service Nearby,” and “Take-Out Restaurants Nearby” were among the top 10 “Nearby” searches on Google in India in 2021. It also appears that Indians wanted to learn the language. The art of baking banana bread because the phrase “How to Make Banana Bread” was among the top “How To” searches on Google.

In terms of recipes, Indians wanted to know about exotic dishes in addition to simple dishes. The hottest recipes were a balanced mix of international and local Indian cuisines. Enoki mushroom was the most searched food in India on Google in 2021. Modak and Methi Malai Matar were next on the list. Other trending recipes included comfort food such as chicken soup, cookies, and Matar Paneer. The Indians also wanted to learn the art of brewing the popular immunity potion “Kada”.

Here are the 10 best recipes and trending foods in India on Google in 2021:

1) Enoki mushroom – It is a white mushroom commonly used in Japanese cuisine, in keeping with the growing interest in Japanese cuisine.

2) Modak – A popular candy made on the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, Modak was the most wanted in 2021.

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Google Year In Search 2021: Modak was the second most searched recipe this year.

3) Methi Matar Malai – Making the most of winter greens, this creamy dish combines health and taste and has therefore been quite widely sought after in India.

4) Palak – Another winter green, Palak is popularly used in a number of recipes. It is also a healthy source of vitamins and minerals for vegetarians.

5) Chicken soup – High protein chicken soup is a recipe that instantly satiates and nourishes the body.

6) Pornstar Martini – This cocktail made from passion fruit juice, lime juice and vodka made Indians vibrate with curiosity.

seven) Lasagna – Pasta sheets are layered with marinara and cheese in this indulgent yet satisfying recipe.

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Google Year In Search 2021: Lasagna was among the most sought after recipes in India.

8) Biscuits – The love for cakes and breads was replaced by cookies this year, as Indians experimented with all kinds of cookie recipes.

9) Matar Paneer – One of the most popular vegetarian curries, Matar Paneer simply never goes out of style.

ten) Kada – Immunity was one of the biggest concerns this year, which is why Kada made this list.

What did you think of these trendy recipes? How many have you already tried? Tell us in the comments below.

We wish our readers a Happy New Year 2022!


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