Dell unveils Concept Pari, an ultra-portable and compact wireless webcam


Ahead of CES 2022, Dell is showcasing several futuristic device concepts as part of its “The Future of Work Reimagined” project vision. Joining its ultra-repairable laptop Concept Luna is a highly portable webcam dubbed Concept Pari. This is a wireless webcam that not only declutters your workspace from another trailing cable, but also adds to your productivity with its multiple additional features and mobility.

Design-wise, the Concept Pari looks like any other wireless webcam that sits atop your monitor. But there’s a lot more to Dell’s concept device. It is a tiny cylindrical camera with magnetic powers. This means you can attach it to any magnetic surface. The company thinks this will solve one of the main problems with video conferencing: you can’t make direct eye contact with the other person and look at their face at the same time. With Concept Pari, you can mount the camera in the middle of your monitor and do both simultaneously.

Well, this will require special monitors with magnetic properties. But Dell is talking about the future here. Drawn Toshthe company’s design strategist, Recount The edge that the computer maker has “explored various magnet solutions” without damaging the screen when using the webcam.

Plus, the Concept Pari is so small and light (~1 ounce/30 grams) that you can carry it in your hand and aim it at any other surface. This will allow you to easily display off-screen content like sketches and prototypes during video calls. The camera comes with a built-in microphone and can stream 1080p video over Wi-Fi. It also has a vertical indicator light to help you maintain alignment and angles.

Dell’s Concept Pari comes with a wireless charging station

The cylindrical camera unit comes with a wireless charging station that can be used as a stand. If you need to place the camera on a surface where it cannot magnetically attach, causing it to roll, you can place it on its charging dock. Dell said the docking station can charge the camera even in an inverted state. So without moving the docking station, you can simply reverse the camera unit so it faces you when not in use.

Although it’s a concept device, the Concept Pari doesn’t look too futuristic or unrealistic. It could easily fit in among the current crop of wireless webcams. Hopefully Dell plans to expand its production and we will see this webcam in the market soon. We will keep you posted.


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