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The concept of workspaces has changed considerably. Young professionals, entrepreneurs and startups have changed the way office spaces used to be. They prefer friendly, more social places, while offering all the amenities of fully-fledged independent offices.

The concept of co-working and co-living, which is popular in the West, has slowly caught on in India, especially in Metropolitan and Tier 2 cities. However, finding the best place to start the professional journey can be. a tedious task. CoFynd, a space discovery platform that offers co-working and co-living spaces in more than 20 Indian cities is the original idea of ​​entrepreneur Atul Gupta.

Praneeti, a young software engineer who recently moved to Mumbai, said: “Living in Mumbai can be expensive and tedious for professionals like me who come from small towns. I would prefer a place that is safe, offering enough privacy and yet friendly. Cohabitation spaces are a perfect choice for people like me. However, finding such places is not very easy, as they are not so readily available.

CoFynd was founded in 2019. It started with coworking spaces in three cities – Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. It functions as a channel between users and space providers.

A freelance professional photographer, Aditya, says: “I started photography a few months ago. Providing a separate office was not in my budget. Working from home was just as difficult as it could not provide the necessary professional environment. A simple google search led me to platforms like CoFynd.

Gupta says: “We have tried to find a balance between flexibility and confidentiality. Our coworking spaces offer flexibility and all modern office amenities. According to official data from CoFynd, the company has a network of 25,000 such spaces in various Indian cities.

The platform was developed with the help of CoFynd’s technical partner, T9L. It offers easy access to places in the city. Gupta says, “We kept the interface easy to scroll. Users can find basic details, including pricing, on the home page itself.

“The concept of coworking and co-living is popular in metropolitan cities, but Tier 2 cities are also picking up the pace. We have received many leads and requests from cities like Lucknow, Jaipur and Ahmedabad, which are both educational and industrial centers. This shows the paradigm shift of coworking and coliving spaces. These are clear indications of growth for service providers and platforms like us. »Atul concludes.


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