Chrysler unveils Airflow Concept EV at CES 2022; first BEV by 2025, all-electric range by 2028


Chrysler revealed the Chrysler Airflow Concept electric vehicle at CES 2022. Chrysler also announced that the brand transformation will include the launch of its first battery electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025 and a future line of all-electric Chrysler vehicles.

The Chrysler Airflow Concept integrates the STLA Brain platform and STLA SmartCockpit (previous article) to deliver seamless connectivity to transform the driver and passenger experience. The concept creates a connected hub that brings a consumer’s digital lifestyle into the vehicle, using advanced technology to create a personalized space for each occupant.

The backbone of the Airflow Concept user experience is the new electrical/electronic (E/E) and software architecture, STLA Brain. This architecture is very flexible, breaking the current link between hardware and software generations. It enables software developers to quickly create and update features and services, taking advantage of in-cockpit functionality without waiting for new hardware to be released.

The STLA SmartCockpit, demonstrated in the Airflow concept and built on the STLA Brain architecture, seamlessly integrates with the digital lives of vehicle occupants to deliver AI-based applications, such as navigation, assistance voice, the e-commerce market and payment services.

The Chrysler Airflow Concept foreshadows the brand’s commitment to offer a range of fully electric vehicles by 2028, produced using clean manufacturing processes and made with recyclable and renewable materials. The Chrysler Airflow Concept is equipped with STLA AutoDrive, which provides Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities and will be upgradeable via OTA updates.

The concept features all-wheel-drive capability and is powered by two 150kW electric drive motors (EDM), one in the front and one in the rear. The concept is designed to accommodate larger capacity EDMs, offering the potential for future high performance applications. The drive motors are located towards the front and rear of the vehicle, maximizing interior space and allowing for the large wheel size and wide stance of the Airflow concept. The battery is designed to achieve a range of between 350 and 400 miles on a single charge.


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