Buick Electra-X touted as the brand’s first Ultium-based SUV concept


Buick China has released two teaser photos of an upcoming all-electric concept vehicle named Electra-X, the brand’s first electric SUV concept developed on GM’s Ultium platform.

The new design study could be a more production-ready follow-up to the Buick Electra Concept from 2020at least judging by the name and the fact that it is an electric SUV.

Scheduled to debut at the upcoming Buick China Brand Day in early June, the Electra-X would offer “a preview of future Ultium-based electric vehicles for Buick in China.The automaker also says the study represents Buick’s accelerated transition to electrification and intelligent driving in its largest market.

Initially, we were tempted to believe that the Electra-X is one and the same vehicle with the Buick USA electric concept teased in February, which should also be unveiled this summer. Please note that a closer look at the photos reveals that the headlights have a different design, even though the LED signature is quite similar (see photos at the bottom of this page).

Add to that the fact that Buick USA isn’t teasing the Electra-X and it’s likely we’re dealing with different concept vehicles, or at least tailored to each market’s preferences. The short statement accompanying the teaser photos seems to support this assumption.

“The Electra-X Concept takes Buick’s innovative thinking and imagination of future electric mobility to the next level. It is designed to deliver a safer, smarter and more desirable electric vehicle experience, drawing on Buick’s deep understanding and local consumer knowledge of electrification and smart driving.”

Statement from Buick China

We also learn that the Buick Electra-X is “defined by the brand’s all-new design language,” with “a distinct and forward-looking style, as well as an airy interior.

Looking at the photos, we can spot sleek horizontal LED headlights, an aggressive front end with a grille-like panel below the sharp nose, subtle side cameras instead of mirrors, and A-pillars with stripes on their lower portion. .

Along with the Ultium platform, Buick China says the Electra-X concept features cutting-edge innovations such as Super Cruise driver-assist technology and the Virtual Cockpit System.

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