Alienware Concept Nyx is your own local game server


Dell-owned Alienware had a busy CES, announcing some pretty cool concept products. The one that stood out was the Concept Nyx, which is supposed to act as your very own cloud gaming server that turns your home into the ultimate gaming center.

Basically, Alienware introduced an extremely powerful game server that sits in your home, an intelligent controller, and custom software that lets you play games in ways that are currently not possible. When joined together, it allows you to play a game in one place, pause it, and move to another location in your home. It also allows multiple people to play games at the same time, all without killing your internet too much.

The server is connected to your router and basically streams locally installed games or those run through cloud gaming services. While it could technically replace services like GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming, it also works with them, which is great for people who are already subscribed to those services and own games on them.

As a concept, we may never have one in our homes, but the idea is intriguing. For a family with multiple gamers, having the ability to simultaneously play multiple games around the house sounds fantastic. This should offer less input lag than cloud services since you’re running games locally.

We’ll have to wait and see if we own one, but it certainly got us excited about what the future of gaming might hold.

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