Winsted partners with Concept Seating to provide chairs designed for 24/7 environments


The companies say they will work together to outfit control rooms with durable, ergonomic consoles, workstations and chairs for 24/7 environments.

BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota — Winsted, a global manufacturer of configurable control room consoles and furniture, has partnered with seating company Concept Seating.

Through the newly formed alliance, the companies will work together to equip control rooms with durable and ergonomic consoles, workstations and chairs for 24/7 environments, according to a announcement.

“Concept Seating is thrilled and excited to partner with Winsted,” said Joel Vento, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Concept Seating. “Our durable, high-performance seats provide superior comfort and essential ergonomic support for professionals in demanding environments.”

Both companies emphasize that functional control rooms are designed and built with their users in mind. These design elements that companies are emphasizing include smart ergonomics that can act as an extension of users’ bodies and minds to ensure their productivity.

“Winsted engineers control rooms where design, function, detail and comfort work together seamlessly to create the ultimate in situational awareness,” said Tracy Crocker, CEO of Winsted. “Alongside Concept Seating, Winsted strives to provide a complete solution for control room operators that aims to minimize fatigue and maximize performance.”

The newly formed partners add that their combined resources and capabilities will allow control rooms to upgrade existing older installations, or they can help design and implement new control room solutions.


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