Van der Valk partners with Vripack for Meteor Concept


Dutch shipyard Van der Valk is now collaborating with design studio Vripack to bring to life a revolutionary design that “defies all convention”. The luxurious 25m Meteor sets a new benchmark in the fast weekend market, allowing owners to head offshore in considerable style with her impressive range of inland water options.

Originally unveiled in February of this year, Project Meteor hadn’t quite left the drawing board yet. After months of development, crucial lessons have been learned from the design process, and the general public can now see the detailed plans of the Dutch Van der Valk and Vripack power stations.

At a modest 25m, Van der Valk still insists on breaking the norm by accommodating bespoke requests. Meteor will deliver an exceptional top speed of at least 40 knots thanks to a powerful mix of MTU Rolls Royce triples with water jets. To achieve such a rapid pace, every aspect of efficiency has been meticulously calculated and engineered.

However, it is much more than just a “speed machine”, Meteor has been designed with intelligent thought. The stern is inspired by sports cars and largely dispenses with the traditional rear axle. The transom itself acts as a bathing platform when open and combines with the interior space to create a large beach club and conservatory depending on the season.

Other highlights include two three-metre sliding roofs; offering guests the option of enjoying sun or shade both here and in the foredeck saloon deck area, all part of a unique deployment of space which is enhanced by the generous use glass in the superstructure.

Its interior is no less spectacular. Meteor’s ergonomic layout embraces the flow of motion and is very pleasing to the eye. The main saloon features an elegant and refined dining room and bar, while the lower deck features two beamed double suites with bathrooms. Each bed is tilted to offer a panoramic view of the sea.

Vripack has developed a superb textual blend of satin and gloss finishes with black diamond stitched leathers and blue velvet surfaces. The window frames also feature an eggshell white textile, with all materials guaranteed to be sustainably and locally sourced.

Dubbed the “Guiding Star,” this innovative vessel seamlessly meets a growing demand for well-designed boats on which families can explore in seclusion, safety and comfort at their leisure. Weekends, getaways and trips to and from your summer home simply won’t be complete without Meteor lighting the way.


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