Toyota Innova EV Concept Unveiled; Will he come to Malaysia?


the Toyota Innova is one of those minivans that needs no introduction. Yet the one you see above does so because it’s a zero-emission equivalent of the model that was recently unveiled for the Indonesian market at the ongoing Indonesia International Motor Show.


  • What powers the Toyota Innova EV?

    Toyota has yet to reveal technical specifications for the Innova EV, but it’s expected to be a powerful offering in terms of range and performance.

  • Will Toyota Innova EV come to Malaysia?

    In light of Toyota’s plans for sustainable mobility and the tax breaks available for electric cars, we expect the arrival of the Innova electric minivan in Malaysia.

  • Toyota introduced the Innova EV as a concept based on the current generation model with the internal combustion engine replaced by an all-electric powertrain as the most significant change. Although Toyota remains oblivious to revealing the technical specifications of the electric vehicle, we expect it to be a strong offer in terms of range and performance.

    Toyota Innova EV Concept

    Design-wise, although it looks like the non-electric Innova, the automaker tried to give it a unique identity with a completely closed grille, a slightly modified front bumper and a new set of alloy wheels. Additionally, parts of the kit are blue accents on the headlights and taillights and a dedicated ‘electric’ badge confirming its electric nature.

    Toyota Innova EV Concept

    Inside, the wider stuff remains the same with the same 8.0-inch infotainment system, multi-information display and three-spoke steering wheel. However, a closer look reveals new tints on the instrument display and EV-specific information (range and battery level) on the infotainment unit.

    Toyota Innova EV Concept

    Will Toyota Innova EV come to Malaysia?

    With a global plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the Japanese automaker began Malaysia’s transition to sustainable mobility earlier this year. UMW Toyota has launched its first locally assembled hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Corolla hybrid hybridwith Toyota New Global Architecture as the basis.

    As they began the brand’s electrified journey, Akio Takeyama, Vice President of UMW Toyota Motor, said, “Malaysians support green technologies and environmental sustainability, and this is evident in the growing orders for the new Corolla. Cross-Hybrid. This shows that sustainable mobility is the way forward as the world collectively moves towards clean and renewable fuels, as well as innovative and smart vehicles.”

    Toyota Innova EV Concept

    As for the ICE-powered Innova minivan, the current model has been around for a long time and the market expects a full update in a few years. Additionally, according to reports, the hybrid version of the Innova is also on the cards.

    So, in light of Toyota’s plans for sustainable mobility and the tax breaks available for electric cars in Malaysia, the automaker might consider introducing the electric Innova to the city.

    What are your thoughts? Would you rather buy the Innova EV if it makes it to our shores? Let us know in the comments.

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