Matter Energy Launches Li-Ion Energy Storage Products and Battery Swap Concept at India Energy Storage Week


Matter today launched its portfolio of lithium-ion energy storage products and announced its battery swap ecosystem concept for EVsat.

Matter, a technology startup in the field of energy storage and electric vehicles, today launched its portfolio of lithium-ion energy storage products for mobility and stationary applications during the Indian Energy Storage Week. Matter also announced its battery swapping ecosystem concept for electric vehicles at the event.

Matter Energy’s lithium-ion battery product portfolio will pave the way for increased adoption of electric vehicles and a clean energy transition. Matter’s stationary energy storage system offerings are intended to support renewable energy generators, transport operators, nightclubs and other end users.

Matter Energy’s products will play a decisive role in meeting the demands of India’s booming energy storage industry. Matter is now ready to expand its portfolio in the Indian energy storage market with varied offerings from the Matter Energy stable. These solutions are fully designed to meet the unique requirements of Indian consumers. This is made in India for India and the world.

During the announcement, Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO of Matter, said, “Matter Energy’s innovative portfolio spans multiple categories and will set new benchmarks for innovation and performance in the electric mobility and energy segments. stationary energy. Our battery swapping ecosystem will cater to the rapidly growing two and three wheeler ecosystem in India with improved and best-in-class safety, quality and performance standards.

He added, “Meanwhile, our next-generation stationary energy storage portfolio is based on an analytics-driven product development strategy. Our product offerings are aligned with current government regulatory standards and will integrate with any new standards that come into effect.

Product details displayed

Swap ME! – Matter Energy presented the concept of its next innovative battery swap ecosystem. The exchange ecosystem is the result of the group’s research and development and focus on designing future product lines that offer ideal solutions for E-mobility.

The ecosystem is built with state-of-the-art technology and service models with features like trading system, data integration, thermal management, predictive AI, and smart user interface. This ecosystem will allow different service models to develop and respond to user demands.

Swap ME! the stations are fast plug-in-and-play docking stations, batteries can be swapped out in less than a minute. Matter Energy’s swap technology will address batteries for two and three wheelers. The Swap ecosystem is technology-based and connected where consumers can refuel on the go. The Swap ME! is supported by the smart GUI and mobile app, which keep you updated on various metrics such as SoC, SoH, SoP, battery temperature, voltage, amperage, and cycle count.

ME BESS 1000 – The BESS product range ranges from energy and electrical applications to containerized devices for those required in specialist buildings. Matter Energy offers the most optimal energy solutions customizable up to 1000 V for compact and easy to install solutions. To operate in the climatic conditions of India, the applications are equipped with an advanced HVAC system.

Other mobility and stationery products on display at the event include telecommunications, power inverters, utility vehicle batteries and home inverters.
Matter recently introduced MatterEnergy 1.0, India’s first liquid-cooled active 2-wheel EV battery, and its patent-ready Matter Drive 1.0 motor, with a technologically innovative integrated intelligent thermal management system.


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