Easybom: Launch of the search engine for the electronic components industry


SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – It has officially become easier than ever to sift through all the complex electronic data on the Internet using Easybom. It is a powerful search engine for the electronic components industry that was launched to bridge the communication gap between suppliers, buyers and engineers with electronic component data as its core.

The website helps you find electronic components and supplier prices quickly and easily. With just one click, a person can easily browse hundreds of Easybom electronic components and manufacturers divided into different categories and subcategories for easy search.

There are hundreds of manufacturers on the website, all listed alphabetically for the convenience of users. Qualcomm, Hirschmann, Epson, EDAC Inc., Silicon Labs, Omron Electronics Components are just a few of the many manufacturers available on the search engine.

The website also allows its users to obtain precise information about any of the Easybom’s electronic parts because it analyzes the data in real time in order to make the prices accurate and transparent.

Audio products, cable products, capacitors, fiber optic cables, inductors, oscillators, memory cards, modules, thermal management fans, filters, transformers, embedded computers on the same tape and adhesive material – this search engine contains every little bit of information on various Electronic Components.

In addition, Easybom also analyzes the risk that the value of a component (or a portfolio) will decrease in the future (price risk index), the probability that a manufacturer’s stock will decrease in value (risk index inventory) and supplier integrity. index that will reflect the financial position of suppliers such as shareholder structure and ratios that measure profitability. All of these can mirror the market so that anyone can follow the market trend and find the suppliers and products as per their requirement.

To get detailed information about a particular electronic product, a user can also download Easybom technical sheets which contain all manufacturers specifications. This is a one-of-a-kind website that accumulates billions of market data and provides intelligent data analysis to improve understanding of the market which ultimately leads to lots of business opportunities.

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