CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam Analysis: Moderately Easy Paper; a few long questions


The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) carried out the Class 12 Class 2 Chemistry paper on Saturday 7th May. Students and subject matter experts rated the article moderate with most questions posed from the curriculum. Some students found the document long.

Ruchi Gupta, Senior Academic Coordinator at MRG Rohini School, said most of the questions in the chemistry paper were straightforward and based on the sample paper published by the CBSE.

“The document required a thorough understanding of the concept and presentation to NCERT. He had good conceptual and numerical questions. The easy and medium questions are in the right proportion,” Gupta said.

Chanchal Sharma, PGT Chemistry at TDI International School, said, “Today’s Chemistry article was quite easy, but a bit long though. Students with a high knowledge of the program must have completed the work within the allotted time. A few questions were easy but took a long time to write step by step answers. All the questions were according to the syllabus only and corresponded to the expected lines. »

“Students had no time management issues and they were all able to complete the assignment within the given time. All questions were doable and similar to the sample papers practiced in class. Overall, all students were happy and satisfied with the newspaper,” she added.

There were adequate internal choices given in each section, which relieved the students. Section A and Section B were easy on chemistry paper. Section C of the document was a bit moderate. On the other hand, on paper, chemistry was easy. Overall, the document can be described as moderate.


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