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Buying guides have become an essential part of all product descriptions. Buyers eagerly await the buying guide before deciding to buy a product. Likewise, Google is jumping on the bandwagon and making it even easier for users.

Google has confirmed to Search Engine Land that it has now started experimenting with “buying guides” on the search engine where a list of all product factors will be available. From this drop-down list, users will be able to decide the best version of the product they have been looking for.

All credit goes to Brian Freiesleben for highlighting this new update on Twitter. According to him, this update may or may not be an alarming situation for affiliate marketers.

The buying guide includes various options such as preferred measurements, visual details, brands, types and much more.

Regarding the concept, it is very easy to understand the principle of operation of the buying guides. The first thing a user will see is the price range. In the same space, there will be a drop-down arrow that includes different factors that should be considered while selecting a particular product. Each shopping guide option contains content for users, but there will be no ranking for content from now on.

Once a user opens a “types” option, it will display clips of different types along with their related information. Details will be provided in the options if required, otherwise the answer to the point will be present in the drop down menu.

However, it’s important to note that the shopping guide feature is not rolling out publicly at this time. It is still in the testing phase and it is uncertain whether the feature can pass the testing phase.

Google has been updating its search engine results over the past two years in an effort to provide users with a better experience. But sometimes search engine results mix up the answers and show irrelevant options. It’s unclear if this is because the buying guide is in a trial phase or if the system is fooling itself with the results. It’s safe to say that the feature isn’t ready for worldwide release just yet.

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